You’re invited to come Save the South with Tallahassee Rock Gym and the SCC on March 19th

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the official flyer for the Tallahassee Rock Gym‘s March 19th “Save the South” fundraiser competition. If you’re a climber in the Tallahassee area, you absolutely cannot miss this great event. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, and I’ve rounded up a collection of excellent sponsors including big names like Pusher/Revolution, Evolv and Greener Grass Publishing. This means great door prizes and awesome raffle giveaways.

This spring break leaves no time for lazy days – it’s training time, baby! Whether you’re headed up north for some outdoor climbing or are stickin’ close to home near your local indoor gym, it’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming competition. The ladies are going to be where my attention is focused; we’ve got a killer group of strong women that are all climbing around the same level, so this will be a great chance to see who places first.

Why should you keep your eyes on The Morning Fresh throughout the event? is the only place you’ll be able to check out the complete scores listing for the competition. We’ll be posting the results after the competition, so everyone can see where they stand amongst their fellow climbers.

Save the date, and don’t miss out on your chance to help Save the South!

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