Why you should take part in ‘Operation Beautiful’

Loyal readers, by now you know that one of my focuses for The Morning Fresh is promoting positive vibes and healthy, happy attitudes. This morning, I came across an invitation to partake in Florida State University’s ‘Operation Beautiful’. This community project aims to promote everything that I stand for – raising self-love, and squashing negative thinking.

On October 6th, post-it notes will be spread throughout campus bathrooms, car windshields, building stairwells and everywhere in between. The event invites women to create their own post-it message and leave it somewhere that other people will be able to absorb the uplifting spirit sent through each little note.

I think that this is truly an amazing way that we can all participate in spreading good vibes throughout not only campus, but the entire town. I plan on incorporating Operation Beautiful into my daily life, and am going to start carrying around a pad of post-its so I can leave a quick ‘You are beautiful!‘ whenever the mood strikes. No matter where you’re from, you should join the masses of women who are striving to erase negative body images and foster healthy relationships with our bodies and minds.

It would be great to see this concept blossom into an entire series of uplifting post-its. Why limit the message to just ‘You are Beautiful‘? I want to leave little bits of inspiration that could change a stranger’s day, or even life. Something like ‘Forget everything else, take that trip you’ve been dreaming of.‘ or ‘Today is THE day.‘ One of my favorite inspiring images that I have come across reads “If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.” Whatever version of this idea applies best to your lifestyle, take it and run with it!

For more information about the Florida State ‘Operation Beautiful’ event on October 6th – click here.

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