Why You Need to Try Monkey Bread, Right Now

A few months ago, over the usual rock gym chatter, I heard a climber mention something called “Monkey Bread.” My savory tastes automatically envisioned a cheesy garlic roll style bread with all sorts of gooey goodness. The conversation turned to a new topic, and I forgot about the mysterious Monkey Bread as I continued with my climbing.

While grocery shopping with Niko recently, I stumbled across a funny package in the frozen food aisle that proclaimed the wonders of Monkey Bread. Without hesitation, I snatched up a box. Niko inspected the box that identified the contents as a cinnamon pull-apart, while his stomach eagerly rumbled in approval.

We sped home and popped the black plastic casing that held the Monkey Bread into the microwave – yes, it’s easily made in the microwave! After a few minutes, the Monkey Bread was steaming and gooey with syrupy coating. As per the instructions, we flipped the container upside-down onto a plate, and then, there it was, the Monkey Bread.

Surprisingly, this delicious treat will last for days in the fridge – because let’s be honest, there’s no way a sane person could consume an entire package in just one sitting. We barely finished half of it between two famished climbers. It’s sticky, it’s messy, it’ll get all over your fingers, and it is absolutely divine.

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5 thoughts on “Why You Need to Try Monkey Bread, Right Now

  1. ashley says:

    oh my goodness. this monkey bread stuff is to die for! I’d never heard of it ’til Matt’s mom so graciously brought it into my life Christmas two years ago. Holy moly so glad you’ve spread the orgasmic joy of monkey bread. And I second Mom, now I’ve gotta have me some monkey bread 🙂

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