Video of the Day: Banjo pluckin’ bluegrass by the Osborne Brothers in 1972

Living in a house with eight mountain men exposes you to a few inevitable things, like good beer, crude sex jokes, and some really groovy music. These boys are particularly musically-inclined, and our household is home to a mandolin, guitars, a keyboard trumpets, and currently, one delightful banjo. Early Denver mornings spent perched on the sagging front porch couch were instantly taken to a new level once a little banjo music joined the day’s agenda.

The boys introduced me this video by the Osborne Brothers, and I had to share it with my readers to hopefully add a little perk into your daily musings. Never mind the fabulous bluegrass melodies and infectious foot-stomping spirit in this video, check out those chops! I don’t know who Ruby is, or what happened to make her so upset, but I’m glad someone pissed her off enough to inspire this song.


The footage was taken at Bluegrass Country Soul, a three-day outdoor festival held in North Carolina. I can’t even begin to imagine the adventures and experiences that came to life during this revolutionary event. Enjoy, folks.

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One thought on “Video of the Day: Banjo pluckin’ bluegrass by the Osborne Brothers in 1972

  1. Barry LaChance says:

    The 1971 Carlton Haney Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival was held on Labor Day weekend of that year. The Osborn Bros. were there as well as a Film Crew that documented the festival. The documentary was eventually released as “Bluegrass Country Soul”…I know that Carlton Haney put on the festival until 1979, but that was the footage used in the film. Although not a participating part of the entertainment, I was on the periphery….46:00 on the film.

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