Hitting the road, on my way to slowing down.

Tomorrow, I’m moving to Salt Lake City.

The first time I crossed state lines into Utah was on my first big climbing trip in 2010. It was me and three dirtbag Florida boys, living out of a sputtering Jeep for a month in pursuit of western crags. Check out some of my old film photos from that trip here

The 30-day journey was a total mess, and we only climbed for like 8 days total and we all got sick after foolishly deciding that an all-you-can-eat buffet pit stop at Golden Coral was a good idea—but I still remember the dusty, dark gas station we pulled into when we crossed into Utah in the middle of the night. The stars were so bright, and there were coyotes howling in the distance, and deer kept leaping in front the Jeep as we swept through towering red rocks, and I had never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life.

I don’t think we even stopped in Utah at all on that trip. It was just the connector between Colorado and the Grand Tetons– but since that moment, Utah has been my most sacred place. I find peace in the desert, challenge in the mountains, and a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt so strongly anywhere else on earth. This is my place, and it’s time to make it more than just the space I escape to.

Utah, you’re home, and this little bird flying back to roost for a while.

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4 thoughts on “Hitting the road, on my way to slowing down.

  1. Carolina says:

    So glad you fell in love with Utah! I’ve never been but have a good friend from Salt Lake and we’re in the middle of planning a summer road trip out to SLC!

  2. Christian M. says:

    Park City is my favorite place in Utah. The skiing is phenomenal and the summers are incredible. I could easily spend a few months there anytime of the year and have a blast.

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