This week’s #ATQA Adventure Travel chat recap – “Outdoor Dads”

As a special ode to all the wonderful fathers who love the outdoors, this week’s #ATQA Adventure Travel chat was a special “Father’s Day” edition. I won’t even try to deny that I got totally teary-eyed while crafting the recap; there are some truly touching tweets that were shared during the chat.

I was unable to perform my usual co-hosting duties as I was stuck at an airport awaiting a plane during the chat, but the wonderful David Croyle did an excellent job as guest co-host. Shoot, he did it so well, I may even be out of a job. Check out the tweets:

Q1: What’s your favorite outdoor memory with your dad?

@RamblinBears: “A1: My favorite outdoor memory was going to Yosemite with my Dad for the first time at age 16. #ATQA

@JoyfulShoehorn: “A1. Going hiking in Idaho with my dad & leaving my mom and sister back at the hotel to whine. #ATQA

Q2: What’s your favorite memory of time outdoors with your kids?

@surfergrrl: “A2. Does a dog count? Took our pug to the Delaware Water Gap. She made the 7 mile trek & may be the 1st pug to hike a bit of the AT #ATQA

@the4x4podcast: “A2: Actually, skiing while in Korea was fun! No wait, geocaching! ARGH! THERE’S TOO MANY GREAT MEMORIES!”

Q3: Who were some of the other fathers who made an impact on you? 

@AmericanSahara: “A3: While growing up some of my friends’ fathers had a big impact on me. #ATQA

Q4: Do you involve your children in trip planning and other details?

@Thatguysgarage: “A4: always my 9 year old loves to plan & pack my 5 and 3 year old mostly love to go. #ATQA

Q5: What have you learned from your kids while outdoors?

@croyle: “A5: It’s so fun to re-live the outdoors through the eyes of a kid, it really brings you back. #ATQA

@JennyWillden: “A5: No kids here, but I’ve learned from my niece not to be afraid to try new things. That girl will climb anything! #ATQA

Q6: What’s the most important thing we should be teaching our children?

@AmericanSahara: “A6: Respect for themselves, others, and the world around them. Also, how to carry dad’s pack when he gets too old. #ATQA

@the4x4podcast: “A6: Teaching tread lightly principles is important. Also learning what your body can actually accomplish is amazing! #ATQA”

Q7: How do you accommodate different abilities of kids and adults on the same trip?

@RMhigh7088: “A7: A co-leader helps. Someone for more robust activities, someone who can lead mellower stuff. #ATQA

@Thatguysgarage: “Q7 we try to stretch the youngest abilities and have fun doing what ever is it when we are all together. #ATQA

Q8: How did your parents influence your love of outdoors & adventure?

@OatmealBowl: “A8: I know! *raises hand* we camped every where! dessert. redwoods. they were gem collectors. rock climbed alot to caves. 😉 #ATQA

@RamblinBears: “A8: My Dad sent me to camp every Summer, and also taught me how to fish! #ATQA

@surfergrrl: “A8. Summers spent roadtripping across the US. They encouraged us to be curious, explore, how to read a map and find our way home #ATQA

Q9: What outdoor skill did you learn from your dad that you want to teach your kids?

@Thatguysgarage: “A9: the flexibility to enjoy things even when they don’t go as planned, that being prepared always makes the adventure more fun. #ATQA

Q10: Know any women who are great outdoor dads? Tell us about them.

@RMhigh7088: “A10: I have some friends/moms who often take their kids outside often, even if it’s just out to a metro nature center. #ATQA

@JennyWillden: “My friend Dani is a single mom to a 2-year-old and takes her everywhere! She’s been kayaking, boating, and running already! #ATQA

@AmericanSahara: “A10: I guided a single mom and her son on a Jeep trip on the Rubicon Trail once. She was awesome. #ATQA

Q11: What are your top tips for other parents?

@DavidECreech: “A11- tip to parents: don’t underestimate your kids…they can do more than you think #ATQA

@OatmealBowl: “A11 bring band aids. the smallest nick is the biggest ouchie. and bring lots of snacks/water along. #ATQA

Looking back on this week’s chat made me think of my own fantastic father. He took me out to explore Yosemite while I was a grumpy teenager, and forced our family to embark on road trips even though I thought it was lame (seriously, teenagers suck – what was I thinking?!). All my best camping cookware was originally his, and my favorite sunglasses were first sported on his handsome head. I’m proud to be his daughter, and can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll head out on together next.

Do you have a great outdoor dad? Are you a great outdoor dad? I’d love to hear from you – feel free to sound off in the comments! Answer the chat questions, contribute your own thoughts – and join us next week on Wednesday at 5 PM (EST) for another great #ATQA Adventure Travel chat on Twitter!

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