The Sweet Taste of Freedom

Behold this joyous moment: I AM FREE. After weeks of torturous demands and constant work, I have finished my final exams – all that’s left to do are the usual travel articles for work, on my own schedule. The temperatures may be plummeting to unbearable conditions, but I’m feeling quite warm down in my cheerful loins. I can’t remember the last time I simply had nothing to do.

It is a peculiar sensation to look up at the dry-erase calendar that hovers above my desk. Usually crammed with to-dos, assignments and obligations, my calendar suddenly grows silent after December 8th – today, the date of my last final. I am absolutely content to revel in the few events listed for the remainder of 2010: my climber-style pot luck on the 10th, climbing trip to Georgia/Tennessee sometime next week, the first day of winter on the 21st and Christmas holidays to be enjoyed with family in Miami. Beautiful.

Cheers to everyone who has likewise completed their fall semester! Those of you with a few more to go, keep truckin’ and you’ll be reveling in this glory shortly. This feels like an appropriate time to mention how fast this final year at Florida State University is flashing by. This is my last ‘winter break,’ and never again will I have a ‘fall semester.’ It’s a furious clash of thrill, anxiety and bittersweet uncertainty – but for now, that matters not. It’s time for some hot chocolate and a nice, long nap.

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