The Next Big Adventure(s)

I’ll be honest: when my yearlong van trip ended, I felt a bit of an adventure void. My epic climbing journey was over – so now what? For a while, I just recovered in the comforts of city life. I planned a two-week trip to Spain with my family, but other than that, my adventure agenda was wide open.

Somewhere over the last month, my adventure planning has taken a sharp turn – in a very positive direction. I got invited to backpack Conundrum Hot Springs, committed to road tripping out to Salt Lake City for OR Show, booked a ticket down to Miami, and then my old climbing friend Libbi called.

Libbi started saying things like: Puerto Rico, climbing, Spain, flights, Venice, trains, Australia let’s go.

And then I was all: YES.

When all was said, done, and booked, I realized that I’m only going to be home for 12 days from now until the end of September. My summer adventures quickly went from local playtime to hardcore exploration. I’m going to be climbing, hiking, surfing, road tripping, and writing all over the world for the next few months. My climbing + training is definitely going to kick up a notch in preparation. Let’s do this!

As you know, I’ve renewed my sponsorship with Teton Sports for another season, this time as part of their Mountain Adventurers project. I’m stoked to use their gear to haul my life around in a single pack while I travel abroad. You’ll also continue to see my photos and stories shared through Nature Valley’s social channels, and on the Sierra Trading Post blog!

The Morning Fresh hits the road towards the jetset life.

Here’s a rough schedule of my upcoming travel – shoot me a message if our paths will cross:

  • August 2-4 Backpacking to Conundrum Hot Springs in Colorado
  • August 6-10 Road trip to Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City
  • August 15-24 Flying to Miami, Florida (!!!) then road trip back to Denver
  • August 26-27 Routesetting Clinic with Women’s Wilderness in Boulder, Colorado
  • September 3 Baltimore, Maryland
  • September 4-8 Puerto Rico
  • September 9-18 Spain + Ibiza
  • September 19-20 Venice, Italy
  • September 21-23 Barcelona, Spain
  • October 11-19 Joe’s Valley, Utah for my birthday!
  • November TBA (Austrailia, New Zealand, Singapore, anyone?)

That’s a lot. Before I start jetsetting, I have a few little projects launching on The Morning Fresh. I’ll also be scheduling a few social media clients while I’m in Miami, and am thinking about putting together an Instagram workshop – so stay tuned!

PS: Anyone have the beta on climbing in Spain or Puerto Rico? Bonus points if you know where I can acquire a crash pad!

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7 thoughts on “The Next Big Adventure(s)

  1. Sabrina says:

    I went to PR in May and got to climb a bit! I love it and want to go back when it’s cooler. Make sure to go visit Edda at Aventuras Tierra Adentro; she runs the shop and helped develop most of the climbing in Puerto Rico. There’s guide books at the store and online; and if you visit her, she’s got the Bayamon one (the crag closest to San Juan) at the store. We stayed in a hostetl in San Juan and rented a super cheap car and drove to multiply climbing areas, beaches, and towns. Driving wasn’t as crazy as everyone made it sound when they warned me and I would rent a car again there.

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