The inaugural #ATQA Adventure Travel chat recap – “Weekend Adventures”

During this week’s edition of #ATQA Adventure Travel chat on Twitter, we got down and dirty with the idea of weekend adventures. Many travelers are confined to cubicles during the workweek, and live for the moment they can escape the office on Friday afternoon to head out into the backcountry.

What’s even worse, many eager explorers find themselves missing out on the weekly #ATQA chats held every Wednesday at 5 PM (EST) – so after multiple requests from fans, we decided to present a weekly recap of the best tweets from each week’s chat. Check it out, and feel free to leave your thoughts and answers in the comments section!

Q1: How do you stay prepared for spontaneous weekend adventures? 

@KelseyIvey: “a1. I usually have a half un-packed bag sitting around my room from my last trip + my sleeping bags lives in my trunk all summer! #ATQA

@croyle: “A1: By trying to keep my gear in order and ready to go. As a SAR member, I need to have much of the same gear ready. #ATQA”

@overlandnomads: “A1: I keep my vehicle packed and ready for adventure…or zombie attack! #ATQA

Q2: What about holiday weekends? Love the extra day? Or, hate the crowds? 

@_CabinGirl: “A2: Hate the crowds, but we camp in primitive areas that usually don’t have campers – it’s the road traffic that kills us 🙂 #ATQA

@AmericanSahara: “A2: I’ve found crowds are easy to escape. A couple miles of dirt road and I often have the whole place to myself. #ATQA

@RMhigh7088: “A2: It’s a love-hate thing. Love the extra day, hate the crowds. Makes finding solitude challening. #ATQA

Q3: How do you avoid trying to do too much in just a couple of days? 

@valinreallife: “A3: Sometimes it’s just going someplace familiar where you don’t feel the pressure to do everything…’cause you’ve already done it. #ATQA

@OverlandNomads: “A3: I’m the wrong person to ask. I drove 1K miles roundtrip for a weekend in the desert. #ATQA

Q4: How far are you willing to drive for a weekend of fun? 

@OverlandExpo: “Q4: As far as it takes 😉 We’ve been known to head to the Grand Canyon (from TUS) for a day #ATQA

@_CabinGirl: “A4: Not far, 6-7 hrs max. But willing to FLY somewhere and then travel a couple hours – CO and AZ are great for that combo. #ATQA

Q5: You’ve got two days: Nonstop action and excitement? Or, time to relax and unplug? 

@OverlandNomads: “A5: I vote nonstop action & excitement. I can sleep when I’m dead. #ATQA

@the4x4podcast: “A5 A little bit of both. Adventure action is quite relaxing actually! #ATQA

@RamblinBears: “A5- Q5 can only be answered with another question… “How did your week go?” #ATQA

Q6: Best weekend ever? 

@_CabinGirl: “A6: In general? A remote campsite on far nwoods lake w/my guy, dogs, fishpoles, kayaks. Done many times, re-charges body and soul. #ATQA

Q7: What about short weekend adventures? How do you fit the fun into your to-do list? 

‏@AmericanSahara: “A7: Moving closer to the backcountry helped a lot. Time I used to spend on traveling now goes to chores. Still time to get outside. #ATQA

‏@JillianLaura: “A7: Just do it. Make it happen. Makes you appreciate your local adventures more too! #atqa

Q8: What happens when you’ve got solid weekend adventure plans, and then the weather goes bad? 

‏@lethers: “A8: there is no bad weather! we adapt and have fun with whatever happens #ATQA

@OverlandExpo: “Best trip of 2011 involved being hopelessly unprepared, drenched in downpour, hiding under tree w/lightning hitting trees = Awesome. #ATQA

@Exotichikes: “A8: If you can’t handle bad changing weather in the Pacific Northwest you might not ever get out #fulltrunkofsupplies #ATQA

Q9: Is getting ready for the weekend part of the fun? Or a hassle to be overcome?

@africaoverland: “A9 Very much part of the fun & extends the wknd. Involving family helps build excitement. #ATQA

@valinreallife: “A9: Usually a hassle b/c I’ve typically got my entourage of 2 boys + dog. Never know if they’re going to be in a helpful mood or not! #ATQA

Q10: At work on Friday morning you get invited to a weekend of adventure. Do you have to go home first? 

@OatmealBowl: “A10: having gym bag in car makes it easy for me to take off w/out stopping at home first. pick up provisions on the way. #ATQA

@Thatguysgarage: “A10 i’m not sure if it counts as going home because i work from home. #ATQA

Q11: Where are you going this weekend? 

@letsbewild: “A11: Snorkeling probably! #ATQA

@themorningfresh: “A11. I’ll be flying to Sedona with @Columbia1938 for the #OmniTen #ProjectZ event – vortex yoga, then hiking to Havasu Falls! WOO! #ATQA

@OverlandNomads: “A11: It’s a local adventure weekend. AKA no plans. #ATQA

As always, a huge thanks to all our loyal participants who make the Adventure Travel chat a great success every week. We always welcome newcomers with open arms, and encourage outdoor adventurers on Twitter to join us every Wednesday at 5:00 PM (EST) to talk about adventure, exploring, and the outdoors. Next week, we’ll be hosting a special Father’s Day edition of #ATQA with a great guest co-host! See ya there.

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2 thoughts on “The inaugural #ATQA Adventure Travel chat recap – “Weekend Adventures”

  1. Jack says:

    Working weekends means I gotta get my adventure in on the weekday around karate classes for one daughter/son & piano lesson for the other. Means sometimes my ‘adventure’ has to be cut down to one day. It’s not much but I got the kids out on some trails (paved & dirt) around Balboa Park and hit up 2 museums I’ve been promising to get them to for 2 years. Only about 6 hours total but it was fun and a great time to bond with my kids.

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