The foodie gods answer my edible prayers with Pho 7 and Latin Xpress in Tallahassee

Living in Denver introduced me to a lot of things, but the biggest culinary revolution I experienced was being exposed to the liquid paradise that is pho. A Vietnamese tradition, pho is arguably one of the best dishes of all time that combines broth and noodles. Returning to Tallahassee after indulging in the rich cultural offerings of Denver brought disdain to my tummy, until I happened upon a sign advertising for Pho 7.

I was instantly intrigued.

Niko and I vowed to try it out, but we weren’t fully committed or convinced until our foodie climbing friends Barbara and Andrew tested the waters. Their report on Pho 7? It was authentic, and it was delicious. Delighted by their positive feedback, I made a dinner date with some friends for the next day.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Pho 7 is their walls; they’re painted my favorite shade of marigold. The casual seating is reminiscent of an adult cafeteria, and I appreciated the no-frills layout of the restaurant – plus, each table is adorned with enormous bottles of sriracha and hoisin sauce, my favorites. It took our group a few minutes to survey the menu, and then we ordered a true feast.

While my companions took their taste buds on an adventure with Vietnamese subs and meaty rice platters, I stuck with what I came here for: pho. I ordered a tofu pho, cheese and crab wontons, and vegetarian spring rolls.

Everything was amazing. 

The beefy pho broth was easily the best I have ever tasted. It was richer than any other broth I’ve tried, and offered the perfect balance of spices. My soup only came with one slice of lime, but the meaty pho hardly needed any fixings anyways. Our entire table was satisfied with their meals, and we all agreed to return soon.


While chatting over our scrumptious Vietnamese grub, my buddy Juan mentioned the Latin Xpress eatery that sat at the opposite corner of the strip mall. I had heard good things about the joint, and my input peaked Juan’s interest – so we decided to pop in to “just check out the menu” after pigging out at Pho 7.

Fast-forward about an hour, and you’d find our little crew slouching in another cafeteria-style booth. This time, we weren’t surrounded by chopsticks and bean sprouts. Our table was littered with tiny mugs that were once filled with sweet, strong Cuban espresso shots. We drank ten total, unable to resist continually ordering more rounds.

Displeasing my already bursting belly, I was unable to shake the temptation of Latin Xpress’s surprisingly affordable menu. Cafecito shots were just 60 cents, guava and cheese pastelitos ran under $2.00 each, and a dry-erase addition to the menu hanging over the counter lured me in with mamey shakes for only $2.50.

My stomach aches just thinking about it.

Needless to say, the strip mall that I previously knew solely as the place where Planned Parenthood resides has now taken on a new identity. Within a single visit, it was reborn as my go-to destination for cheap, tasty eats with unique cultural flair.

Tallahassee, you never cease to amaze me with your hidden gems.

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4 thoughts on “The foodie gods answer my edible prayers with Pho 7 and Latin Xpress in Tallahassee

  1. triplgc says:

    Looks yummy! I have never heard of Cafecito shots, pastelitos or mamey shakes so I had to do some googling and now I am starving! Wish I was in Tallahassee.

    If you are ever in St. Louis try the vegetarian tamarind soup at Lemon Grass – mucho goodness abounds! (and I swear it will cure any sickness – it’s like magic)

    • Katie Boué says:

      It was so yummy! And if you haven’t gorged on Cuban food before, you need to come pay me a visit and I’ll blow your taste buds away with delicious latin cuisine. 🙂 That soup sounds delicious, looks like I’ll have to make a stop in St. Louis sometime soon – thanks for sharing!

  2. hiking mama says:

    Pho is by far one of our favorite dishes ever! When we stayed in Vietnam, we got incredibly spolied by being continually surrounded by pho stands on the streets of Vietnam. We are lucky to have a restaurant nearby us now that has really great pho. It’s always fun finding great eats in your very own backyard!

    • Katie Boué says:

      Agreed, pho quickly became one of my all-time favorite dishes, it’s so delicious. I can’t even imagine how great it must be when you’re actually in Vietnam! Yum.

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