The first climbing video for Simply Adventure is now LIVE (and on!

Every once in a while, all that hard work and tedious to-dos and mindless training comes to a head, and leaves you with something you can actually put your finger on. After two years of projecting Super Mario, two trips to finally get the footage for a video (I may or may not have lost our tripod mount in the middle of a desert), and too many days spent waiting for construction noise or neighbor’s air conditioning units to shut up so we could film some audio – we finally did it.

Simply Adventure’s first climbing video is now live –
and on Dead Point Magazine’s website.


The purpose of this film was to capture one of my all-time favorite bouldering problems in the southeast, possibly even the entire country: Super Mario. The ironic boulder served as the perfect example of why we feel so strongly about promoting conservation and using the Simply Adventure trip as a platform for raising awareness about the importance of preserving access and getting involved with your local climbing communities. Because, really, some people would dismiss that legendary hunk of sandstone as just a pile of rocks on the side of Montlake Golf Course – and that just ain’t okay in our book.

As much as I’d love to credit my pretty face for this inaugural video (HA!), Niko truly deserves all the praise for this little film. He is officially the video man for Simply Adventure, and I am incredibly proud of all his hard work on the Super Mario video. This is our first video, ever, so while Niko is quick to harp on any imperfections, I’d say he did a damn good job. And to think, it’ll only get better from here! 

Wait, but really, I’m on! I feel so cool – even though I look slightly puff-faced, and do way too much slapping around on the top-out of Super Mario. Still, I’m up there. It’s real. It’s all happening, man!

What did you think of the video?
Any questions, feedback, comments, and critiques are welcome!
We’re always learning, and looking to improve.

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3 thoughts on “The first climbing video for Simply Adventure is now LIVE (and on!

  1. Andrew Cotton says:

    I am truly impressed by what you guys are doing and have enjoyed checking out your blog. It is really inspiring to see people chasing their dreams the way that you guys are. I wanted to comment specifically on two things.

    First, the idea the you have with this is amazing and after scrolling through your blog I really feel like I have been part of the past journies in a way. Not in a strange voyeristic kind of way, not in a “I’m bored and have nothing better to do than tune in to someone else’s journey” kind of ego dominated way, but in a “damn this is great, pat on the back,.. kind of…. holy shit I didn’t really expect to be that inspired to believe in my own dreams more”… kind of way.

    Second, the film… an artist at heart myself and one that never dove into full devoting myself into any specific media, I have experimented and conceptualized the process and scope of vision required to obtain, edit, re edit, storyboard, watch through, evaluate for flow, timing,etc.,etc. to produce a meaniful, informative, narrative of something on video like the one that you two have more than successfully done here. The intro with a bit of nature, subtle music fading into an interview with self revelation….well done, timely, and tasteful editing. The footage of the problem turned into a micro climbing film was about a good of an example of how climbing is an art in itself, it helped that your climb was smooth and strong also. Anyways, respect due is respect due. I gratuitously send my respect to you and Niko and will tune in from time to time to keep in touch. Both Sarah and myself found your work to be a huge breath of fresh air much as your title suggests. Keep up the good work!
    Andrew-Lot 41

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