The #ColoradoList: One Woman’s Quest to Experience Colorado in 365 Days

In March 2014, I took a leap: With only two weeks notice, I packed up everything I owned and moved from my native state of Florida to Colorado only a few months after returning from a yearlong road trip. I’ve traveled from the grassy prairies in the south to the wild coats of the northwest – but no place captured my heart like Colorado. With endless outdoor opportunities, spirited local culture, and four full seasons for adventure, the Centennial State is the perfect place to explore.

As a new resident of Colorado, I am overwhelmed by how much there is to do – so I’m making it my mission to tick off every experience possible within just one year, from learning how to ice climb in the mountains to getting rowdy at a Nuggets game in downtown Denver. The #ColoradoList is a Colorado bucket list that challenges me to fill my calendar with activities that will push my limits as an adventurer, fill my belly with Colorado’s finest eats, bring me to the state’s most beautiful destinations, and open my eyes to everything the area has to offer.


What’s on the list?

You can find the full Colorado List on the official page, broken down in categories like hikes, road trip destinations, and events – but here’s a quick peek at my adventurous to-do list:

1. Summit my first 14-er.
2. Stock up on fresh produce at the Boulder Farmers Market.
3. Visit all four National Parks in Colorado.
4. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
5. Have brunch at Snooze.
6. Stand at Four Corners.
7. Try mountain biking.
8. Backpack to a 10th Mountain Division Hut.
9. Ride the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad.
10. Catch a fish – and eat it.

This year is going to be one of the most transformative experiences of my life on personal and spiritual levels – and I want to make sure that adventure and new experiences are at the forefront of my journey towards becoming a more limit-testing, empowered, independent woman. Bring it on, Colorado!

Want to join me for the adventure? Keep an eye on the blog for posts after every outing, follow the #ColoradoList hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my bucket list ticks and upcoming plans, or better yet – JOIN ME! Invite yourself along to help me complete my list, or suggest Colorado bucket list to-dos that I don’t have on my list yet (I know I must be missing a ton).

Want to help me complete my list? Can you lend me a pair of snowshoes? Want to equip me with the gear I’ll need to catch myself a fish? Interested in sponsoring a weekend trip to try ice climbing? Whether you’re an outdoor outfitter or local adventure company – I want to work with you to make my bucket list attempt a success and highlight the best brands Colorado has to offer. Please feel free to contact me for information about how to get involved!

Visit the official Colorado List bucket list page here!

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15 thoughts on “The #ColoradoList: One Woman’s Quest to Experience Colorado in 365 Days

  1. Ashley Laing says:

    If only I was there to help you check off that list!! Sounds like a great challenge and so much fun! Maybe if I make it out there within the 365 days I can be part of at least one check off the bucket list!

  2. Kyle Vines says:

    Hey Katie!

    Welcome to our beautiful state! We will have to get out and adventure with you.

    So, I have 2 suggestion to add to your list. Both happen to be on Mt. Evans

    1. Alpine bouldering on Mt. Evens is amazing! Check out the Chicago Lake area.
    2. Ride your bicycle to the top of Mt. Evans. Either starting at Echo Lake or down in Idaho Springs. It is the highest altitude paved road in North America and by the end of it you will have pedaled to the top of a 14er.

    Have a blast!



    • Katie Boué says:

      Kyle, yes! I think I need to update the climbing section to reflect all of my goals for this year – but was a little overwhelmed about how long it would be! Horsetooth Reservoir, Three Sisters Park, Emerald Lake at RMNP, Mt. Evans, Flagstaff, Rifle, Clear Creek, the list goes on and on.

    • lynne says:

      kyle – i just saw that there’s a sponsored bike race/ride up mt. evans, too! i did the mt. evans ascent last year and my hat is off to anyone who BIKES up that road. holy cow. (

      adding to the list: hike to hanging lake, soak in a natural hot springs, full-moon snowshoe and, of course, brewery tours in fort collins!

  3. Beth says:

    You’re killing me lady! I sososo wish I was going to be in the San Juans this summer so we could play: hike, jeep, climb, explore, grab beers at Colorado Boy, and more!

    Good thing you can’t do it all in a year so there’s hope for me in Round 2!

  4. Katie says:

    I had posted to you on Instagram that I too was last minute moving to CO after a sad breakup w the guy I thought I would be with forever. I love this list giving me ideas to accomplish this summer! I head out May 10 so excited for all the climbing opportunities especially it’s almost overwhelming how much I can do!

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