Record breaking snowfall, quickly headed to Denver, CO for my first snow day

While yesterday saw record highs throughout the tri-city area of Denver, Ft. Collins, and Boulder, tonight promises to bring quite the opposite. Up to 8-12 inches of snow are expected to fall in the Denver area tonight and tomorrow, an estimate that easily surpasses the typical average snowfall for the entire month of October: a mere 4.2 inches.

Let’s backtrack. Yesterday, my afternoon looked a little bit like this.

Denver saw unprecedented heat reaching a balmy 80 degrees on Monday afternoon, and I gladly spent the afternoon tanning – even got tan lines, mind you – outside under a fantastically blue sky. The trees in Denver are heavy with chameleon leaves in the midst of changing identities, and there are still clusters of lanky wildflowers lining the streets. This particular week in the Mile High City brought some of the most beautiful weather I have ever seen.

Today, Tuesday the 25th, things are changing. Newly arrived housemate Hannah and I took a walk through the neighborhood during the afternoon, and immediately noticed a swift change in the weather. The air was unpleasantly crisp, and the sun seemed to have taken a vacation from its usual post in the once cloudless sky. Quickly approaching snow day, anyone?

I’m indescribably overjoyed at the prospect of everything that tomorrow’s snow will bring. My first official snow day living in Denver, the snow delivers promises of early morning snow angels in the front yard, the construction of my inaugural snowman, catching snowflakes on my tongue, trudging through the snow for wine, and bundling up inside with hot tea and lots of writing.

The forecast map for the next 48 hours of early season snow in Colorado has me giddy like a little kid. I can’t wait to bust out my mom’s sweet vintage mittens, my dad’s thick red flannel, my sweet new knit socks, and the slightly overpriced beanie I couldn’t resist at REI.

Weather advisories have been sending out warnings about the potential for major power outages, and I couldn’t be more excited. This feels reminiscent of the anticipation of an upcoming hurricane, except that this climatic margarita is frozen blended, while Florida’s natural disaster cocktail is served on the rocks. The eerie atmosphere and sense of impending doom remind me of the thrill that comes with an approaching hurricane in my hometown.

Speaking of Florida, this Miami gal has a feeling I’m going to have to do some major winter gear shopping after my warm weather wardrobe gets rocked by tomorrow’s miniature blizzard.

Happy Snow Day, fellow Coloradans!

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Social Commentary – It is NOT boot season yet, ladies.

Let me preface this by asserting that I am a huge fan of boots. My two trusty pairs are nestled in the ‘winter’ section of my closet, itching to be worn – but the time has not come yet, my friends. Right now, we are in the midst of I’m going to call ‘seasonal puberty.’ We’re in that awkward in-between stage, transitioning from our youthful summer shorts and dresses to a more demure winter uniform of scarves and coats. Much like regular puberty, everyone seems to be hitting the changes at a different rate. I am endlessly amused by the contradicting sight of girls decked out in boots and long scarves walking alongside ladies wearing flip-flops and shorts – and don’t even get me started on the fools that combine shorts with boots, are you serious?

I’m talking about the overeager fashionista. She’s had her precious boots tucked away in her closet for six months now, and is absolutely dying to bust them out. Even though it’s going to be 80 degrees once her 12:30 class lets out, she is going to rock those damn boots. Here’s my question to you, overeager fashionista: Aren’t your feet sweaty? Doesn’t the midday heat remind you that it’s not yet time for boots? Yes, it’s pretty damn cold at night and brisk during the mornings, but we’re still reaching temperatures in the high-80s during the day – so relax.

Ladies, put your boots away until it’s actually cold outside. You’re about to dive head first into five straight months of merciless winter conditions; hold onto your summer style as long as you can. Boys seem to have the right idea – they remain unphased by these changes in the weather, trucking onwards in their t-shirts and khaki shorts. I finally gave in to wearing pants this week for the first time since April, and am already missing my life as a pantless summer bandit.

Let us not forget the months we spent begging the sun to warm our faces; are you really prepared to give that all up for another half of a year? In a month, you’ll all be wishing you could still wear your pretty summer outfits while the unforgiving Tallahassee winter sets in and turns us all into popsicles. Your boots will have their time to shine, but honey, it ain’t yet.

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The Tribe Has Spoken – We Love You, October.

My mood could not be any better today. The sun is shining, the breeze is cool, birds are chirping like today is a fairytale. Across social media sites, everyone is expressing their love for this beautiful start to October. Here is a sampling of what people are all about on this gorgeous Friday –

“Laying on my bed, barefoot, Windows wide open, the first fall breeze filling up my apartment, and a grin on my face from ear to ear. Today is a great day.” – Josh W.

“Today’s too beautiful to waste, I will study when the sun sets. But for now? I’m going to enjoy the weather!” – Michael C.

“I love you October!” – Chelsea W.

“Today’s a prime day for sitting on my porch watching the smoke get carried away by the breeze. Some old school ska jams on and my October is starting off righteous.” – Alex Q.

“First day of October…that means 30 days until Halloween and 31 days until Christmas music dominates KC radio.” – Michelle H.

I love knowing that everyone is in equally high spirits. Not a single complaint to be found today. My Friday is going to be spent between Railroad Square and Florida State University campus; couldn’t ask for a better start to my favorite month. Come down to the Tallahassee Rock Gym during First Fridays, I’ll be giving $5.00 belays all night!

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Good Morning, Tallahassee!

If you’ve been outside at all today, you’ve noticed the beautiful weather our humble city has bestowed upon us. The sun is bright, the breeze is strong – and I found a caterpillar on Niko’s basil plant this morning! I foresee a good day ahead. A bit of a mis-matched post, I wanted to share a few images to spread today’s good spirit, and a link from an ‘assignment’ for my Communications Geography class.

Today I’m leading a discussion about disembodiment in cyberspace, and its relation to Descartes’ ideas of the Cartesian self. (Alex Kaplan, you will enjoy this!) I had to read a ridiculous paper about it, and in response composed a critical review/reflection of the piece. You can check out my take on the relationship between our cyber identities and our ‘real’ bodies here. Basically, I find that while cyberspace allows our minds to experience new identities online, our ‘offline’ identities are inescapable; once you log off from your cyber fantasy, you’re right back in your body.

Now for the good stuff – a few images from one of my favorite websites, We Heart People from all over the world upload inspiring images and photos, which users are able to ‘heart’ by clicking little icons at the bottom of each image. Eventually you build up a collection of your favorite finds, which is a great way to start the morning. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think I’m going to start posting more of these on a weekly basis. If anyone else has a weheartit account, post a link and I’ll follow you! Feel free to post any other inspiring images as well. Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m off to lead a class discussion, then climbing at the Tallahassee Rock Gym, followed by a farewell dinner at Momo’s. Keep spreadin’ the good vibes.

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Caterpillar Update

This morning we had a breakthrough with Baby Cap!

I was moving his host fennel plant outside, because it was growing limp from a lack of sunlight (thank you, Tallahassee weather). Baby Cap had inched his way to the very top of the enclosure, so the swaying of the weakened fennel stalks agitated him. That’s when I noticed his little orange osmeterium flaring out of the top of his head, flashing a wormy, forked warning. He is growing so fast, I can’t wait for him to pupate.

I’m going to go pick up a new host plan for Baby Cap sometime today. The poor fennel plant I bought him hasn’t fared well at all in this dismal weather, and I’m afraid that the few hours of sunlight it got this morning won’t be enough to spur it back to life. The last thing I need is my baby caterpillar being undernourished right before he molts.

I promise to post photos of Baby Cap and his enclosure as soon as possible. I’m weary of using a flash on him because he is so sensitive in his larval stage. Niko and I might build a larger enclosure this weekend with some great new wire we found in his garage, which is much more malleable than what we previously used.

Time to go pull the little muncher back inside before the afternoon rain picks up again. PS: Has anyone checked out the weather forecast for Tallahassee? My iPhone shows a week of straight thunderclouds. Where’s my summertime sunshine?

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