Adventurers, explorers and wild hearts – 180° South will change your life.

This morning, I woke up to a text from Niko proclaiming that he had “just watched the best movie, it’s what I want to with my life!” Silly me – I thought it was some documentary from one of his biology classes, but of course, it was a film about adventure.


Friend have been recommending this film for months, but I haven’t had the chance to sit down and enjoy it. While I’m not keen on the idea of eating porcupines, I am captivated by the message conveyed through the trailer for this movie.

180° South follows a young adventurer as he retraces the 1968 journey trekked by Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to the legendary Patagonia. It combines surfing, climbing and a passion for adventure. From shipwrecks to being abandoned at a whore house, it illustrates a very important element of the adventurer’s lifestyle – it’s not a real adventure until something goes wrong.

There’s an official trailer – which is very much worth viewing! – but this version has Animal Collective in it, so it automatically wins in my book. You should also check out the 180° South website, particularly the ‘Journey’ section where you can watch original footage from the 1968 trip.

The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life
– it’s so easy to make it complex.
” – Yvon Chouinard

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Video of the Day: Slopers, crimpers and sticking the rail in Squamish.

There are a collection of climbs throughout the world that simply cannot be ignored – Dreamcatcher (5.14d) is one of those legendary routes. Every self-respecting climber kid has seen this video a thousand times, so I felt it was my duty to spread the glory of Chris Sharma’s beautiful first ascent of this route in Squamish, BC.


Feel free to skip ahead to the 2:19 mark, where the music speeds up into this groovy, jazzy goodness that I wish I could have playing in the background every time I climb. Seriously, I will give $10 to whoever can tell me the name of that song.

The beautiful line, Sharma’s seemingly effortless climbing and damn, that song! These three ingredients blend together to create an excellent video for climbers and non-climbers alike. Enjoy.

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Video of the Day: Highlining California

A close sibling of climbing, slack-lining is a precise art that requires the most of your balance and concentration. Personally, I’m not so great at it, but I can make it about half way down a line before my legs get wobbly, my arms start flailing and my tiny frame flops to the ground.

This video showcases some of the most extreme slack-lining, and has a couple scenes overlooking the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco, California. Check out this excellent trailer for Highlining California.


Pretty sweet – kinda makes me itch for a nice slack-lining photoshoot this weekend.

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Video of the Day: Climbing ‘The Orb’ (V8) at Rocktown

Well, I have already blown my New Years resolution of posting every day, oops. To compensate for my lack of posting, here’s a sweet video of Mike McClure sending ‘The Orb’ V8 in Rocktown. I’ll be heading out to Rocktown for the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday next weekend, so there will be plenty of photographs and videos to get your blood flowing and your fingertips sweating.

This route is a favorite amongst my climber buddies, who have all projected this beautiful route. Niko is dying to get his paws on The Orb, as well as his ultimate project, The Vagina (V8). Personally, I’m looking forward to sending Police Brutality (V4). I worked it briefly during a trip last spring, but lacked the motivation to finish the route. That’s all changing this trip, baby! Enjoy the video, readers.


Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading out with a few friends to do some outdoor climbing around Tallahassee. There are a few buildings with routes on them, and apparently a park near a friend’s house that has a handful of sweet problems. Pictures, and possibly videos, shall be posted shortly after my adventure!

Keep exploring, readers.

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Jackin’ my Fresh ♪ ♫

Piano strokes and drum taps are softly crashing together in my ears as I listen to the boys in the midst of their jam session at McGoo’s house. I sometimes avoid ‘jam seshes’ because it’s never as fun when you don’t have any bonafide musical talent to bring to the table. Today, I decided to bring my laptop along and continue with my overflow of writing.

While the boys were taking a small break in between their songs, I showed McGoo my newly registered website at We spoke about how my original name was simply Morning Fresh, but the domain at was already registered by “a family owned and operated producer of premium-quality fresh eggs” somewhere in Colorado.

“I prefer ‘the’ morning fresh though, it just sounds better,” McGoo said.

“Yeah, I agree. Morning fresh just sounds like coffee or something. Where did you come up with that anyways?” Niko asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

I started thinking about where my idea for ‘Morning Fresh’ all started, and it dawned on me that I need to give absolute credit to the lovely Cookies Cabrera for sharing a really groovy video with me that kicked off the notions in my brain that would eventually evolve into the goods you’re reading today. The piece is a music video for Black Noise, featuring Lex One. The tracked is titled “Jackin’ my Fresh.” How that morphed into ‘Morning Fresh’ – I do not know.

Something about the dancing boombox and little animated buddies gets me every time. This video instantly uplifts my mood every time I watch it. My heart swells for the little guy at the end; what a doll. Anyways, enjoy!


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