Happy 97th birthday, National Parks – and welcome to the world, Parks Folio!

Today is the 97th anniversary of the creation of America’s beloved National Parks system, which means three things: all National Parks are offering free admission today, we have a great excuse to eat cake in its honor, and Trail Sherpa is officially launching its newest project, Parks Folio!

Visiting as many National Parks as possible has been a huge priority for my yearlong adventure, and as my tick list grows larger, so does my appreciation for these slices of natural wonderland. The Trail Sherpa crew shares my love for National Parks, which began with the Trail Sherpa National Parks Series, a series of photos (and stories) curated by Dave Creech. The project sparked an outpouring of images, stories, and experiences that readers wanted to share with Dave and Tim Miner (the brains behind Trail Sherpa), so the fellas got to work creating a digital space where adventurers could come together to create a collaborative National Parks experience.

And thus, Parks Folio was born. Parksfolio

The site invites users to submit their best National Parks photos, and share the story behind the image. It’s an incredible venue for folks to experience National Parks through the adventures of others. You can get an eyeful of a bighorn sheep in Yellowstone through Tim Miner’s close-up shot, rediscover the Great Smokey Mountains with Val Joiner, imagine solitude at Zion through Terry Tyson’s account at Emerald Pools, and more. I love this project because while it was under-wraps for a good chunk of summer while a solid database of content was harvested, it’s going to continue to grow as adventurers get outside and collect new photographs and stories.

I have to send some extra love to Dave and Tim for their dedication to this project. They are some of the hardest working people I have ever met, and are true warriors fighting the good fight to inspire folks to get outside. Cheers to you two!

Want to get involved? Contribute to Parks Folio today!
You can also connect with Parks Folio on Facebook and Twitter.

Lookin’ Fresh – The Morning Fresh has officially joined the Trail Sherpa network!

Trail SherpaNotice anything different? After months of scheming, plentiful design changes, and countless hours spent chatting with a very patient Tim Miner – the big switch has finally occurred: TheMorningFresh.com has officially joined the Trail Sherpa network of outdoor bloggers. The process of making the leap has been in the works since last fall, and I am honored to be part of such an excellent group of outdoor experts. This is the start of somethin’ big, folks! 

Welcome to the new and improved TheMorningFresh.com!So what’s new on TheMorningFresh.com?

First of all, kiss those obnoxious ads goodbye! I have to admit that for the first year or so of running my blog, I didn’t even realize Word Press was sticking clunky ads at the bottom of all my posts – they do a sneaky job of not showing them when you’re logged into your account. Trail Sherpa helped me ditch the unwanted advertisements, giving you a sleek and uninterrupted experience on the blog.

Your browsing experience now features a responsive site design thanks to Jessica, the head Trail Sherpa site designer. No matter what device you’re visiting TheMorningFresh.com from, your visual experience will be vastly improved and seamless. Everything from the homepage header to the logo will adjust to optimize your viewing.

Check out the new logo! I’m proud to say I designed that myself, and am looking forward to exploring ways to apply it across all of The Morning Fresh’s social platforms. What do you think of the new logo? I think it plays well into the sleek, simplified new design style.

And there are many more surprises to be released in the upcoming weeks! From excellent new recipe and review templates to a Premiere Protein giveaway, TheMorningFresh.com has a lot of tricks up our sleeve. Now that the switch has finally been completed, it’s time to overhaul my content and catch you up on all the adventures I’ve been embarking on while I traveled through Joshua Tree National Park, Red Rocks, and more.

Curious about the Trail Sherpa network?
Click here to meet the rest of our outdoor crew, including my good friend Dave Creech.