What’s in my pack? #FLtoCO Road Trip Edition

In exactly 12 hours from this very moment, I’ll be on a red-eye flight down to my hometown, Miami. I’m heading south for a few reasons: I am in desperate need of some sea-time, I’m celebrating my little sister’s graduation, and we’re embarking on a cross-country road trip to move her out to Denver! Instead of the usual two-day haul I usually struggle through during drives from Florida to Colorado, we decided to make an adventure out of it.

First, we’re heading up the Florida coast to Tallahassee to see my pup, Amble, and climb at Tallahassee Rock Gym. We’ll visit my sister’s friend in Atlanta before heading to Chattanooga for my favorite part of this trip: climbing at Stone Fort and a visit to the Tennessee Aquarium! Then we’ll jet westward, stopping to visit family friends in Kansas City and exploring along the way.

Since my sister will be bringing everything she owns in her little sedan, I’m trying to pack as light as possible. I’m only bringing my Topo Designs Klettersack, and my new Keen sling I picked up at Outdoor Retailer last week. Here’s a quick peek into my #FLtoCO road trip bag:

What's in my pack? Miami to Colorado edition. #FLtoCO

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Swoob Sports Bra Review: A Pocketed Solution to Stashing Your iPhone (and chapstick and keys!)

It’s a situation that every woman encounters: you’re clad head to toe in spandex workout gear, with no pockets – and no where to put your stuff. Leaving home without your iPhone, keys, chapstick, and a bit of cash sometimes isn’t an option, so we do what we must – we stick our stuff straight in between our boobs. And inevitably, it gets sweaty. Gross.

I always bring my iPhone out on adventures to snap shots of my climbing, hiking, etc. – and I am totally guilty of sweaty-boob-phone syndrome. It just happens.

Swoob Fit LogoSwoob stepped in to remedy the dilemma women face when we are pocket-less. Kyle Muir of Swoob designed sports bras that feature multiple discrete pockets in easily concealed, out-of-the-way places. After a few mishaps trying to get a package sent through Canadian mail customs, I received an Idona Racerback Sports Bra at Outdoor Retailer in August. First impressions? Super soft fabric, sturdy bra structure – and it’s cute. In a male-dominated industry, finding feminine and functional outdoor apparel often feels like a big victory for me.

I wore the Swoob Idona Racerback frequently for day-to-day wear, which was very comfortable, but my favorite testing ground for this sports bra was Rocky Mountain National Park. I went climbing there a few times during my monthlong Colorado adventures, and wore my Swoob sports bra every time. Best part? No more sweaty iPhone!

The pockets immediately became useful during the hour-long hike up to the Emerald Lake boulders. It’s a really scenic hike, so I love to take pictures, but there’s no way I’d carry my heavy DSLR camera during that grueling uphill battle. Being able to conveniently tuck my iPhone in my pocketed sports bra gave me easy access when I wanted to snap a quick shot without disrupting the balance of the bulky crash pad I was lugging up the mountains.

It was great to always have my iPhone on hand when I wanted to take climbing and nature photos, and I never had to worry about where it was while wandering around the boulder field. The main phone-sized pocket in the Idona Racerback it’s ideally sized, allowing for quick sliding in and out, but tight enough to keep my iPhone secure. And most importantly, the bra itself was very comfortable while climbing.Climbing in my pocketed Swoob Fit sports bra at Rocky Mountain National Park.

The only flaw I found in the Swoob sports bra was with the sizing. I got a size Small, which was almost a little too small for my tiny body. I’m fairly flat-chested, and I know a lot of gals who wear typically wear a small, but would probably be a bit squished in this brand’s “small.” Maybe offer an extra small as well instead?

Swoob Idona sports bra with pockets.Overall, the Swoob pocketed sports bra is my new go-to when I’m wearing an outfit that would otherwise render me without a place to stow away my iPhone. It has also come in handy for stashing chapstick, my van key, and cash while I’m on the trail or out and about in town.

The Idona Racerback ($45) is thicker and seems sturdier than the Luana Cross Strap ($35). I think the Idona is ideal for women who need more support, so I’d love to try the Luana instead – with thinner, sleeker straps, it seems better suited for ladies who don’t really need much support. The Idona doesn’t always blend in conspicuously with my street clothes, but I think the Luana would fit in well with any casual or on-the-go outfit.

I think this brand has a lot of potential for success amongst outdoorsy ladies. Swoob’s shop has everything from really cute racer tanks and leggings to pullover sweatshirts and organic lip balm. The bras are sold at a pretty standard price-point for quality sports bras, and everyone I’ve met from the company is really down to earth and stoked on their brand – smells like a recipe for success to me.

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* I received a complimentary sports bra from Swoob, but all opinions expressed here are, as always, my own!