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Writing restaurant, salon, and small business deal copy for LivingSocial has exposed me to the wonderful interweb resource that is Yelp. An outlet for rabid rants about poor customer service, rambling rave reviews about outrageous eateries, and a general source of excellent information, this site allows users – Yelpers, if you will – to contribute their opinions to a pool of star-rated write-ups that ultimately offer insight to the best, and worst, establishments in town.

Having to use Yelp reviews on a daily basis to gather information about merchants for whom I am assigned to write creative LivingSocial copy for, it was only a matter of time before I created my own account and began yelping. I quickly realized that this newfound addiction was a perfect companion for The Morning Fresh – it allows me to share my experiences at establishments all over the country.

Readers, whether you’re looking for a nosh-worthy Cuban joint in Key West, a home style eatery where you can score saucy barbeque in Mississippi, the best place to thrift in Tallahassee, or a sweet shop filled with secondhand climbing gear in Colorado, my Yelp reviews will help you find what you’re looking for. It’s admittedly a work in progress, but crafting Yelp reviews based on my travels has become a preferable distraction over my usual musings on Facebook.

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Mean Mr. Mustard in Hendersonville, NC – So nice, I ate there twice.

When I set off at the beginning of this adventure, I was prepared for a month of vagabonding and living out of my car. Upon hearing this, my gracious host in North Carolina set off on a mission to fatten me up with gourmet treats before releasing me back into the wild – and boy, did she succeed.

One of my favorite eats in downtown Hendersonville was a charming cafe perched just off Main Street. Its name is Mean Mr. Mustard, and you might be able to discern from the title that this dainty restaurant is entirely made in tribute to The Beatles. The restaurant owners spared no detail, covering the walls with Beatles art, albums, and other memorabilia. Even the salt and pepper shakers were miniature drums adorned with the band name.

I ordered The Eggman’s Basic, which is your standard breakfast spread with two eggs, hash browns, and bacon – plus a slice of their delicious homemade focaccia bread. I was in absolute heaven with my meal. Any time I go to a breakfast joint, I always order the traditional breakfast platter so I can compare notes with the other eateries I have sampled. To compliment my plate, I ordered a tall glass of “Lennonade,”  which was fabulous.

What really set this breakfast experience apart from any other was the atmosphere of Mean Mr. Mustard. The small building sat only a few handfuls of tables, and the intimate setting was amplified by the wonderful man who sat in the back corner playing acoustic versions of classic Beatles songs. Live music is no shocker for evening meals, but it was a really great way to start the day.

Our meal at Mean Mr. Mustard was so great that Dena and I returned the next morning after our yoga class with a group of hilarious women who kept me laughing for hours. On the second visit, I opted for lunchtime fare, and ordered a half Greek salad with half of a custom-made grilled cheese sandwich. Once again, the culinary creations at this restaurant had my taste buds begging for more. My next trip to Hendersonville will undoubtedly include a visit to Mean Mr. Mustard — and next time, I’m treating Dena whether she likes it or not.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the orchards for an afternoon of apple picking.