Little Rock City: The Preview

Folks, I have been experiencing a beautiful whirlwind of life these past five days. This trip to Little Rock City saw my hardest and best outdoor climbing yet, which was highlighted by my early send of The Main Event (V4) on the first day. While climbing was undoubtedly the focus of this excursion, a culmination of adventures came together to form the whole of the trip.

Our first evening was spent at Matt Wood’s cozy home outside of Atlanta. His hospitable father greeted us with a medley of fresh veggies, steaming homemade chili and stacks of candy jars. In the morning, we set off towards the Montlake Golf Course for our initial day of climbing at Little Rock City.

The crew, posing in Matt Wood's driveway before heading out towards Little Rock City. (Photo by: Ray Wood)

The mornings were filled with instant oatmeal, lounging on the dock of our campsite and scurrying off towards the bathroom. Our days were spent in the boulder fields, and yes, this is where the bulk of my photographing occurred. In the evenings, we retreated back to our humble tent city for toasty campfires, hastily made dinners and bundling up in our tents.

I snapped around 800 photos this weekend with the Nikon d60, but won’t be getting the connector cord until the Climbing Club meeting tonight, so you’ll have to exercise your patience until then. However, after tonight you can expect a week’s worth of adventure stories, climbing photography, step-by-step analysis of routes and more.

In the meantime, take a few seconds to vote for the SCC’s Pepsi Refresh Project – they want to acquire over 80 acres of land currently inaccessible to climbers/hikers and transform it into redeveloped rock climbing areas, as well as establishing hiking trails throughout the south east. It takes 2 seconds to vote!

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Little Rock City – Where I’m at Now.

As you read this, I’ll be out in the boulder fields of Little Rock City in Tennessee. While I can’t promise any live updates from the mountaintop, here are some sweet shots from my last trip to LRC to give you a little glimpse at what I’m experiencing, and what you can expect when I return with lots of stories and stellar photos – compliments of Marisa’s beautiful Nikon d60!

Little Rock City is the first place I ever visited to climb outdoors. I am looking forward to revisiting all the boulder problems I watched people send in awe while I was still inexperienced; now I’m returning to conquer those problems myself. On the check list for routes I must complete: Super Mario, Sternum, Ribcage, The Main Event and possibly Dragon Lady. They’re all V4+ problems, but after a year of training for this moment, I think I’m ready.

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New Climbing Shoes for my Upcoming Trip!

Reason #4659 that I need to move to the mountains: There are hardly any fully stocked climbing gear shops in the Florida flatlands. Niko bought me a pair of La Sportiva Katanas for my birthday, but we had to order them online. Naturally, after days of restlessly waiting for my package, the damn shoes didn’t fit. To add insult to injury, Al’s Sports in Utah informed me that it would be weeks before they could ship my proper size – a very tiny 4.0!

Frustrated as I was, this was a blessing in disguise. I came across the modified lace-up version of the Katanas, and have ordered myself an itty bitty pair of men’s shoes from Summit Hut in Arizona. They’ll be arriving on Monday, November 8th. Just in time for my upcoming climbing trip to Little Rock City in Tennessee. We’ll be spending Wednesday evening through Sunday morning out in the boulderfields, and I’ll be sporting a beautiful new pair of shoes. Check ’em out:

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