Announcing the GeigerRig Giveaway winner!

I called upon my readers to share their best summer adventures for a chance to win a GeigerRig Rig 500 hydration pack system – and wow, did you respond! 

From solo lady-adventures in the desert and Big Sur backpacking to sailing off the peninsula of Michigan and summiting 14-ers in Colorado, every entry was worthy of winning. It was phenomenal to see all the different ways everyone gets out to explore the outdoors.

But there could only be one winner.

One story totally stood out to me – partly because it hit pretty close to home. After discovering her love for adventuring outside, our giveaway winner realized her Jansport backpack just isn’t cuttin’ it anymore. Casey, I’ve totally been there too! To help you bring your outdoor explorations to the next level, I’m hooking you up with a sweet new hydration system – and I expect you to really put it through the ringer as you journey to new destinations and really let your newfound adventure spirit blossom! Continue reading

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Revolutionizing the hydration pack with GeigerRig – and your chance to win one! [CLOSED]

I wasn’t always an outdoorsy adventurer; and when I first began spending large amounts of time outdoors, I wasn’t very well prepared. Case in point: the backpacks I used to carry around. Gear junkies, shield your eyes – the image you’re about to see isn’t very pretty, nor is it a proud moment for me.

The couple is pretty cute, if I do say so myself, but take note of the pathetic sack slung around my back. It sticks out like a sore thumb against an otherwise fairly rugged scene. It shamefully, and I hang my head in despair at the mere thought of admitting to rockin’ this ‘gear’ while out on the trail.

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This week’s #ATQA Adventure Travel chat recap – “Avoiding Thirst” with the Hydration Summit

During this special edition of Twitter’s only chat dedicated solely to outdoor adventure travel, we teamed up with the folks at the Hydration Summit for a discussion about staying hydrated while out on the trail. As an added bonus, Geigerrig generously donated a hydration pack to give away to one lucky chat participant.

From favored methods of carrying water while hiking to the best ways to keep water bottles clean, this weeks’ discussion dove into every aspect of staying hydrated while outdoors. We were joined some experts in the field, and everyone came away from the conversation with some new knowledge, and a few new items to add to our gear wish lists. Check it out:

Q1: How do you keep hydrated on the trail?

@JillianLaura: “A1: Well, thanks to a total lack of gear, I opted for bottles this past weekend. Even with rationing almost ran out! #atqa

@valinreallife: “A1: I’m always sucking down h20. Use a bladder to keep things easy, esp. for the little Camp Granolans. #ATQA

Q2: Take a side on the great hydration debate: bottle or bladder?

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