Flat Dig and Mary Travel The World

A few weeks ago, I noticed a post from an old classmate at Florida State University. It read: “My grandfather is one of the best people I know. He’s been diagnosed with cancer and my aunt has started a unique plan to make him happy. If anyone is going anywhere interesting this summer or anytime soon and wants to take a picture of my grandparents along in the form of Flat Dig & Mary so they can feel like they are traveling, it would be amazing and they would LOVE it.” Basically, Dig loves to travel, and since he can’t anymore, the family thought it would help keep his spirits high to hop into the suitcases of others and adventure vicariously.

Naturally, I jumped onboard immediately. A man who loves travel is a man after my own heart, so I wanted to see what I could do to put a smile on Dig’s face (hi Dig, I hope you enjoy this!). I enlisted a little bit of help from the incredible, caring, endlessly thoughtful outdoor community – I asked them to take Dig and Mary along for whatever adventures they had planned this weekend, and this is what we got. Dig and Mary, hold on, ’cause you’re about to embark on quite the journey.

Dig and Mary started their trip off by accompanying me on a trail run in Colorado. We braved the heat to take a beautiful jaunt around Lake Standley while enjoying the surrounding views of the Flat Irons and the Rocky Mountains.

Flat Dig and Mary at Lake Standley [Read more…]