Introducing “Simply Adventure” – Reinventing the art of adventure in 2013

In May 2011, Niko and I embarked on a five-week trip across the country to climb, explore, and gain a new perspective on living. My leg of the journey began along the Atlantic coast in Miami, and together we traveled across mountains, prairies, and forests until reaching the Pacific ocean. After over a month spent living out of my parent’s Pilot, waking up with the rising sun, and spending afternoons splayed out in the sunshine of boulder fields – we returned home entirely changed.

It was quickly realized that we needed more.

We spent the next six months apart, with Niko studying in Tallahassee while I voyaged out on a seven-week solo trip and moved out to Denver for the fall and winter seasons. Upon reuniting, we decided our lives were better spent together – but that togetherness had a purpose.

We were built for a life of adventure.

And so, the plans began to form for a yearlong trip across the entire length America. At first, we dubbed it “The 2013 Trip,” but this epic journey deserved a more proper name – and thus, Simply Adventure was born. 

What are we doing?

We’re two perfectly regular people, proving that adventure is within anyone’s reach – all you have to do is choose a trail and follow it. We’re selling everything we own, buying a used van and building a home on wheels, simplifying our needs, and traveling America to discover everything that the land of the free has to offer. Our strongest passion is climbing, and through our journey we plan to support and advocate for local climbing communities and organizations. We also want to revive a love for living locally, focusing on local eateries and farmers markets.

Why are we doing this?

The common thread in all of our passions? The land.  We’re going to spread an appreciation for the unrivaled nature that sprawls across our country, and we hope to inspire others to embrace the values of land stewardship, conservation, and taking full advantage of what the outdoors has to offer. Whether it’s working to ensure access to a climbing crag in Tennessee, or supporting local farmers in California, we want to give back to communities who love the land.

We also want to demonstrate that what we’re doing isn’t some special journey reserved for a handful of folks daring enough to break free. Simply Adventure is a journey for EVERYONE. This experience is accessible to anyone – and we want you to come along for the ride. We hope to inspire you to forge you own path, dream about your own epic trips, and hit the road towards your adventure.

Where are we going?

Frankly, we want to go everywhere. Our map is still evolving, but we have a rough idea of our seasonal destinations. The adventure begins in January 2013, with a few months of climbing around the southern states to avoid the brutal winter up north. Once spring has sprung, we’ll begin meandering towards the mid-west and Pacific coast. Summertime will be spent in the northwestern region, and across the northernmost states. As the heat resides and the colors of autumn begin to blossom, we’ll follow fall along the northeast, and back down to our beloved southeast. The trip will conclude with a circuit around our favorite southern climbing areas.

For Katie, this trip will be the cherry on top of a lifetime of American travel. With only a handful of state lines left to be crossed, Katie will fulfill her goal of visiting all 50 states by summertime. And Niko? Well, he’s always up for exploring new territory.

So, how can you get involved?

Without you, our trip is meaningless. Simply Adventure is about inspiring, challenging, motivating, and educating others. We want to bring you along during our adventures, and we want to provide everyone with the opportunity to take part in the journey. By sharing our experiences, providing valuable tools and resources, helping local communities, and spreading the good tidings of adventure, we hope to create a new breed of explorers. We want you to adventure.

You can keep up with us through social media, personal contact, the blog, and even joining us during the trip. We’ll be documenting the trip as we go, via The Morning Fresh, and will be collecting material for a series of books, including photography books and a guide for creating your own epic adventure. (Stay tuned for an upcoming Kickstarter to help us fund the dream!)

Check out all the ways to stay in touch with Simply Adventure and The Morning Fresh:


The journey has just begun – and we invite you to travel with us during every step of the way. Updates shall begin flowing, plans will solidify, the dream will inevitably grow, and Simply Adventure will soon come to full fruition. Will you join us for the adventure?

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The long lost road trip photos have arrived!

After months of allowing my film rolls to sit dormant on my desk, I finally took them in to be developed. In a tragic twist, my second roll was completely blank – I blame myself for messing around while trying to open my camera’s latch. Gone forever are my photos of Garden of the Gods, but I do have a small handful of photos from the rest of the trip to share. Surprisingly, there was even a picture of me in the bunch! I never make appearances in my photos, largely because I’m always behind the camera.

I cannot begin to express how much I miss those two weeks spent traversing the great outdoors in search of adventure and climbing. We may have been lost half of the trip, but the scenery was always stunning and you honestly can’t ask for better company than the three boys who accompanied me on our journey. We shared one of the greatest periods of exploration together, feasted on local grub together, and sometimes plotted to murder eachother – all with love.

The following shots are from a phenomenal community garden that we visited in Denver, Colorado. The entire garden was full of blossoming flowers, and peaceful bees flitted from bud to bud, making for some great shots (like the one featured on The Morning Fresh’s header image). I would love to be able to participate in a community garden like this one. It’s a shame we don’t have anything like this in Tallahassee.

Returning home after our road trip was a bittersweet experience. I long to get back on the road and drive through winding mountainsides, eat a million grilled cheese sandwiches since barbecue joints aren’t exactly vegetarian friendly, smell like a dirty sock from not showering for days – I miss it all. Until then, climbing at the Tallahassee Rock Gym and adventuring on the weekends will have to suffice.

Note: These photos were all taken with a Canon AE-1 camera, with a broken aperture.

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Thought of the Day

I’m still runnin’ with this adventure kick. The weekend is quickly approaching, friends. Let us venture forth and explore uncharted grounds seeking exploration and new findings. Hell, if you find something awesome – send it to me, I’d love to feature the adventures of my readers. Enjoy this glorious Thursday, everyone!

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