Ode to the Curious Boy on Campus.

With my daddy’s vintage Ray Bans on and a hurried pace in my steps, I headed back towards my car after a long day of class. As I walked towards the Woodward Garage, I noticed that the boy behind me was stepping dangerously close to my heel. That’s odd, I thought to myself. I quickened my pace, but he kept up.

“Excuse me, are you in one of my chemistry classes?” Clearly he had mistaken my identity.
“Definitetly not, I’m an English major,” I replied.

While this easily could have been the end of our conversation, this boy keep chatting as we walked together beneath the shady trees on our brick path. I asked if my mysterious twin was pretty, and while his mumbled ‘yeah, sure‘ wasn’t very convincing, I took it as a compliment anyways. He extended his hand, and introduced himself as Zack. His firm handshake impressed me; Daddy always said the most important first impression you make is with the quality of your handshake.

“So what if I was this girl?”
“Well, I would have asked how you felt about the test.”
“If I had taken the test, I probably would have failed; I’m an English major. The only thing I remember about chemistry is nomenclature. It’s just a good word!” He laughed at my naivety.
“Binomial nomenclature, there’s a good one for you, English major,” he offered.
“Even better! I love it.”

Our paths began to separate, and I approached my usual shortcut towards the parking garage. As I turned to walk away, he stopped me with more questions. He asked what year I was, and we commented on how bothersome it is to look so young now, but that it would benefit us to appear youthful as we grow older. Our light conversation continued, and this stranger seemed genuinely interested in everything I had to say.

At the point where our paths could no longer continue side-by-side, I bid him a bittersweet farewell. This one’s to you, Zack – pleasant stranger who made my day with your light conversation and friendly smile. Zack in your ordinary blue shirt and your summery shorts, your handsome hawk nose that you wore like a proud family heirloom. May more people follow your example of blind kindness towards your peers. I wish I could contact you again to let you know what a positive impact you made on my hectic day. If by some cosmic chance, you happen upon this – Thank You, Zack.