The Art of Fresh Starts

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I was always warned about the aftermath of my year of adventure: returning to the “real world” after extended travel is rumored to leave you with a nasty case of post-trip blues — but I never really admitted that it was happening to me. After my year of the van, life kind of started happening really fast. I spent a month back in Florida, abruptly packed up everything and moved to Colorado, settled into a new life, and fell into a funk. I’ve been in Denver for almost three months — and I’ve only climbed once (but it was awesome). I stopped writing, and fell out of love with my website and social media in general. It sucked, but I needed it.

It was difficult to cope with all of the change at first, and I felt like I was selling out in a way — after a year of being the adventurous girl who lives on the road, it didn’t feel okay to become someone who spends most of her time getting outdoors by way of rooftop patios, city parks, and my little second-story stoop. Would everyone think less of me? Wouldn’t it be shameful to admit that I wasn’t out hiking or camping every single weekend? I was pretty unsatisfied with it all initially, but I’ve come to realize that this is all just part of the process. This is just a new chapter of adventure in my life — and hopefully you still want to join me for it. 

Taking a hard, cold look at what I do and don’t love in life, what makes me happy, what I miss when it’s gone, and where I want to go ended up teaching me a lot. And after semi-accidentally deciding to change my blog’s entire look, I fell back in love with everything. I re-vamped my workspace, and dove into the task of bringing The Morning Fresh back to life in a way that I adore.

So much has changed since my life has gone from living in a van in the woods to waking up every morning in the heart of Denver. Adventure doesn’t always come quite as easily, and my priority list now includes things like keeping my tomato plants alive, cooking big Cuban meals for my housemates, and finding satisfaction through my work. Finding adventure will always be a huge driving force in my life, but I just have to work a little harder to find it now. And I’m up for the challenge! 

What do y’all think about The Morning Fresh’s new look?

PS: Seriously, go look at this site on a smart phone — it looks so good now. 

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A Summertime Comeback – and The Morning Fresh’s 4 Year Anniversary!

Whoa – hey, hi, hello!

Has it really been a month since my last blog post? It appears that I took a little blogging (and social media) hiatus in May – without directly intending to. It’s important for writers to step back every once in a while, let the creative juices recharge, focus on other pursuits, and explore what really matters. So that’s exactly what I did.

For the past month, my life has been traveling down a slightly different path than usual. I haven’t been getting outdoors as much, I haven’t climbed, and I haven’t been focused on The Morning Fresh. Instead, I spent my afternoons cuddling with Amble, my mornings drinking coffee on the patio, and my evenings binging on True Blood (there, I admitted it). I’ve walked down to Sweet Action Ice Cream on a shamefully frequent basis, and even dabbled in online dating. And for those of you who missed it – Amble went back to Florida to spend the summer with Niko. I know, it’s heartbreaking.

Enjoying my last days with Amble.

It felt great to take a break from it all and just go with the flow – but when I realized that this month marks the four year anniversary of starting my blog (how crazy is that – here’s my first total-amateur-hour post), I was overcome with a reinvigorated creative energy. Let’s do this, folks!

During my monthlong break, a few big things happened: first, I changed my social media usernames. My primary accounts are now all @katieboue. Why did I make the switch? Well, I realized that my ‘brand’ is even bigger than my blog, and I’m working on a ton of non-blog projects that I want to share. So now @themorningfresh on Twitter is strictly blog-related, and @katieboue is everything. Make sure you’re following both!

I also have a heaping pile of kick-ass adventure coming up – and I don’t just mean the kind of adventure that involves dirty boots and muddy trails. I have been diving into a few projects that are really challenging and inspiring me professionally, but you’ll have to wait to hear more about that.

Since my life would be incomplete without outdoor explorations, next week I’ll be heading to Three Sisters Park in Evergreen to shoot a little video with Backpacker’s Pantry! They cast me as the “expert hiker” for a playful promotional project that I can’t wait to share with everyone. And in case you missed it, I rejoined Sierra Trading Post’s Team Sierra for another season of adventure.

There is so much to catch up on, so many trip reports and gear reviews to be written, piles of photos that need to be edited, and a whole lot of adventure to fill my plate with. I have a book to write, a 45-minute presentation to perfect for my speaking session at Peaks Foundation’s Women’s Leadership and Adventure Summit in July (ladies, go apply for it!), plane tickets to buy – this summer is going to be incredible!

Bring it on, summer! Are y’all as stoked as I am?

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Get ready to kick off “The Summer of Adventure”

From a week of sport climbing at Red River Gorge in Kentucky to an epic journey to Flagstaff for Overland Expo, my summer has been exploding with seemingly non-stop adventures. It’s been quite a task trying to keep up with all the excitement, so I’ve devised a plan – I call it, “The Summer of Adventure.

Behold, a weekly schedule of thrilling posts that revolve around road trips, climbing excursions, edible adventures, my favorite gear, and more. Constantly being on the road has muddled my preferred system of operating on a routine, so I’ve created this weekly agenda to keep the content flowing.

Monday: Monday Morning Ascents

Keeping true to the strongest motivation for my adventures, each week will begin with a climbing conquest. From my latest outdoor pursuits and training at Tallahassee Rock Gym to favorite routes I’ve climbed (and photographed) around the country – let’s start each new week with some inspiration to get out into the boulder fields and crush some rock.

Tuesday: Tasty Tuesdays

Second only to climbing, one of my most beloved activities in life is stuffing my face. Tuesday posts promise to get your mouth watering with stories and photos highlighting my favorite eateries throughout the nation. I’ll go through a buffet of destinations and dishes, including the outrageous doughy concoctions served at Miguel’s Pizza at Red River Gorge in Kentucky, messy Mexican grub in Merced, and a local Tallahassee mini-bakery that cooks up some of the tastiest sweets I’ve ever munched on. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Thursday: #ATQA Adventure Travel Chat Recap

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re ready to deliver. After weeks of faithful #ATQA chatters asking about a way to revisit any questions or answers they may have missed, we’ve decided it’s time to start giving you what you want. Check back every Thursday at noon for a recap of all the best tweets from #ATQA Adventure Travel chat, the latest and greatest outdoor Twitter chat created by the wonderful J. Brandon of American Sahara. Don’t want to wait for the Thursday recap? Join us Wednesdays at 5:00 PM (EST) for our weekly discussion about all things outdoors.

Friday: Outdoor Adventure Fridays

The weekend is finally upon us, and it’s time to get inspired to get outside with a grand tale of adventure. From tromping through the towering trees in Sequoia National Park to kayaking down the Wakulla River in Florida, every weekend will be kicked off with a story aimed at getting you motivated to get out into the great outdoors to do some exploring.

Sunday: Get Your Gear On

While you spend the afternoon lazily lounging around in your skivvies, I’ll be using the last day of the fleeting weekend to put outdoor and climbing gear to the test. I may even double up with Sunday two-fers on occasion; the tiny room I share with Niko is currently overflowing with packs, reparative balm, outdoor apparel, and loads of gear that deserves some true attention.

BONUS: My Co-Pilot Becomes My Co-Blogger

Since the inception of The Morning Fresh, readers, fans, and friends have been begging to get more of Niko. After nearly three years of traveling and climbing together, Niko is gearing up to become a much larger part of The Morning Fresh as we prepare for our big 2013 trip. Since he attempts to lay claim on every package of gear that gets delivered to me, he’ll have his own section in nearly all of my gear reviews. Additionally, keep an eye out for his own breed of posts – he’s calling it “The Morning Dirt,” and I’m looking forward to seeing what my beau cooks up.

My life has transformed into one giant adventure, and as always, I am so grateful to be taking you along for the ride. Between The Morning Fresh’s epic summer schedule and my other seasonal projects, this season is promising to be one for the books. Today marks the official start of the Hydration Summit, an excellent campaign I’m working with to raise awareness about the importance of staying hydrated while adventuring. On Friday, I’ll be whisked away to Sedona for an outrageous event with Columbia Sportswear and my OmniTen crew – we’ll be testing out exclusive gear all weekend, and hiking out to Havasu Falls! Stay tuned for all the updates and excitement!

Can’t bear to wait for the official posts? You can keep up with my adventures in realtime by following me on Twitter (@themorningfresh). 

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