Farewell, Florida – Missing our departure date, and (finally) beginning the Simply Adventure journey

For over a year, I’ve talked about this yearlong climbing trip, schemed up some hype around the Simply Adventure idea, and dreamt about the day I’d finally hit the road – and that day is today.

We were actually supposed to depart last night, but a series of unfortunate van mishaps kept us up all evening working on the interior of our new “home.” Nearing midnight, we decided to throw in the towel and abandon our goal of hitting the road before the sun rose. At first, I felt kind of guilty about not leaving; so many people have been eagerly awaiting my official departure. Ultimately, a friend offered wise advice that soothed my apprehensions about leaving a day late:

“A year of adventure can wait a day.”

And he was right. After giving ourselves a few extra hours to put the finishing touches on the van to make sure everything was perfect (and a quick pitstop to grab my last pint of corn nuggets from Lindy’s Chicken), we hit the road feeling 100% ready. Had we rushed through the night and attempted to leave “on time,” we would have woken up miserable with ourselves. I think we made the right choice, do you?

Right now we’re cooped up in a Mississippi rest stop with free wi-fi, scoping out our plan for tomorrow and catching up on e-mails. We drove through the Florida Panhandle and picked up a new bike rack, paused at a Walmart in Alabama, and crossed over into Mississippi – all in a fairly relaxing day. Tomorrow, we’ll continue on through Louisiana, and plan to make it out to Houston, Texas by Sunday!

Beginning this newfound van-dwelling lifestyle has been an oddly calming experience. I was expecting some big epiphany, some momentous occasion when we finally hit the road – but it’s all just peaceful. This is all really happening, and I think I am ready for it all. We’ll see how it all evolves, ha.

Want to know where we’re headed?
Stay tuned for the full itinerary (through March) on Monday! 

Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Sandwiches

Writing has always been a major presence in my life, both academically and personally, but blogging has never quite tasted like my cup of tea. I’m that person who shuns the Kindle because I refuse to abandon the art of the printed text. I love the way ink looks pressed onto fresh white paper, but alas, I am a child of the Internet Age and the need for online stimulation has usurped my attempts to write by hand.

During my time spent in an upper-level fiction workshop at Florida State University taught by the fabulous Julianna Baggott (you’d do yourself a favor to look her up), she instilled in me two ideas that I feel as though I need to carry towards fruition. She insisted that we travel while we’re young. She said,

“You may not have the money now, but you have the time. And let me tell you, once you have the money, you’ll never have the time. So go, explore. Get out there.”

Julianna also urged us as young minds to create some daily routine, setting aside a dedicated chunk of time to just write, about anything really. So in my attempt to live out her wishes, and hopefully inspire myself as well as those who happen across my word vomit, I vow to post here at least once a day. Be it about my day’s events, the latest on Starsky the one-eyed fish, some new shit I stumble upon on the interwebs, or perhaps just something beautiful in the world I want to capture and share. Let’s see if I can stick with something for once in my life.