The Art of Fresh Starts

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I was always warned about the aftermath of my year of adventure: returning to the “real world” after extended travel is rumored to leave you with a nasty case of post-trip blues — but I never really admitted that it was happening to me. After my year of the van, life kind of started happening really fast. I spent a month back in Florida, abruptly packed up everything and moved to Colorado, settled into a new life, and fell into a funk. I’ve been in Denver for almost three months — and I’ve only climbed once (but it was awesome). I stopped writing, and fell out of love with my website and social media in general. It sucked, but I needed it.

It was difficult to cope with all of the change at first, and I felt like I was selling out in a way — after a year of being the adventurous girl who lives on the road, it didn’t feel okay to become someone who spends most of her time getting outdoors by way of rooftop patios, city parks, and my little second-story stoop. Would everyone think less of me? Wouldn’t it be shameful to admit that I wasn’t out hiking or camping every single weekend? I was pretty unsatisfied with it all initially, but I’ve come to realize that this is all just part of the process. This is just a new chapter of adventure in my life — and hopefully you still want to join me for it. 

Taking a hard, cold look at what I do and don’t love in life, what makes me happy, what I miss when it’s gone, and where I want to go ended up teaching me a lot. And after semi-accidentally deciding to change my blog’s entire look, I fell back in love with everything. I re-vamped my workspace, and dove into the task of bringing The Morning Fresh back to life in a way that I adore.

So much has changed since my life has gone from living in a van in the woods to waking up every morning in the heart of Denver. Adventure doesn’t always come quite as easily, and my priority list now includes things like keeping my tomato plants alive, cooking big Cuban meals for my housemates, and finding satisfaction through my work. Finding adventure will always be a huge driving force in my life, but I just have to work a little harder to find it now. And I’m up for the challenge! 

What do y’all think about The Morning Fresh’s new look?

PS: Seriously, go look at this site on a smart phone — it looks so good now. 

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10 thoughts on “The Art of Fresh Starts

  1. Ryan says:

    New design looks great! I hear ya about the adjustment. After sleeping in my truck in the desert and whatnot for so long and getting out there and backpacking and climbing constantly, to then just kind of settling down into Medellin… And being okay with it. But yes, I too wonder about the “what will people think” going from constant outdoor adventures, to renting an apartment, going out to restaurants, looking for work. Hah. It’s definitely a different sort of adventure, but whatever, I’m still having a blast.

  2. Jeff Hester (@theSoCalHiker) says:

    Looking good, Katie! It does look fresh and new, and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling recharged and ready to dive into the blog again. Look forward to seeing what comes next.

    By the way, I checked it out on my iPhone and it works great. Responsive Web Design for the win!

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