Squirrel Bandit Strikes Again!

Since my DIY bird feeder project, I have transformed into one of those crazy bird ladies, always creeping out my window to watch my little avian buddies snack away on seed. In the midst of all my crafty righteousness, I have encountered a mischievous little friend – we call him ‘Squirrel Buddy.’

For weeks, I have listened to Squirrel Buddy and his accomplices plot their attack on my feeders. They successfully snatched my first bell-shaped feeder, but have been struggling to conquer my homemade contraption. Shimmying down the hemp string attached to the feeder, they’ve tried to steal it Tom Cruise-style, but to no avail. Finally, Squirrel Buddy figured out a new way to access the goods: parkour. He bounced off the brick wall and ricocheted from my windowsill directly onto the feeder – all while I was sitting with my nose pressed against the glass panes. I finally caught him redhanded, and have the images to prove it!

You’ll have to excuse the iffy quality of my iPhone photos, which were taken through a window/screen. Regardless, the evidence is all right there. Bandit Buddy, you’re a damn wench, but I love you. Enjoy:

The carnage I found this morning indicates that Squirrel Buddy got a little too confident in his parkour skills – the entire base of the bird feeder has been torn from the body of the feeder. That won’t stop them though, as I type, Squirrel Buddy and his minions are scampering across my roof, plotting their next attack.

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6 thoughts on “Squirrel Bandit Strikes Again!

  1. Dad says:

    Those things are just rats with fuzzy tails. They’ve ruined a couple of our avocadoes (the ones you enjoy so much). When the affection wears-off, and you see these critters as the nuisance they are, consider placing some rat poison in the feeder.

    • Katie Boué says:

      That’s horrible! You’re a cranky old spoot. I think I’m going to make fruit kabobs with old apples and fruit, and hang it next to the feeders as a distraction. They’re my buddies.

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