Gear Review: SportRx Prescription Active Eyewear

I’ve never been blind – but I definitely don’t see as well as I should. In fact, my vision seems to be getting worse and worse. Throughout the years, I’ve amassed a collection of Ray-Bans eyeglasses that I wear whenever I’m going to be spending hours sitting in front of my computer meeting deadlines and writing stories.

But I never thought about expanding that to the world of sunglasses.

A shot from the top of the First Flat Iron in Boulder, CO with my SportRx Sunglasses

Admittedly, wearing prescription lenses helps quite a bit with my vision when I’m driving, but that’s mostly at night. Plus, I have about a dozen cheap-o sunglasses from Outdoor Retailer swag bags and press trips – why invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses?

As Rob from SportRx puts it: “If you had to pick a sense to lose forever, it wouldn’t be vision – but it’s the first one people choose to compromise.

I never really thought about it that way. Sure, I’m not blind as a bat when I’m not wearing glasses, but there’s no denying that I see a lot clearer with ‘em on. So when SportRx offered to send me a pair of my favorite Ray-Bans fully customized with my prescription, I was stoked.

RayBan sunglasses from SportRx.

The process was simple – you just need you prescription information which is easily entered on their website. The hardest part for me was figuring out my pupil distance, but after a few phone calls I was able to pester my optometrist into giving me the information (apparently they don’t like to give it out because it’s a clear indication that you’re going to go buy glasses somewhere else).

Since receiving my new Club Masters, I literally take them everywhere with me. They’ve accompanied me all over Colorado, and on adventures like beach hopping in Puerto Rico, city strolls in Paris, bushwhacking along the coast of Ibiza, Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, and more.  The only downside to all of this? Now I notice the difference when I’m not wearing my glasses. But as Rob told me, “why go on a hike if you won’t be able to properly see the view?” Touché, Rob.Hanging out at Washington Park in Denver, Colorado with my SportRx sunglasses.Wearing SportRx sunglasses at the top of Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Despite my not-so-gentle lifestyle, I’ve managed to keep my glasses scratch-free for months. My only complaint is that I don’t know how I feel about polarized lenses. I’m always glued to my phone, and the polarization makes it all rainbow-y and funky. Just something to note when you’re looking at options!

Do you wear prescription eyewear when you’re out adventuring? I’ve never been a fan of contacts, so glasses are a must for me. I still forgo eyewear when I’m on certain adventures (especially if it’ll involve me doing something like swimming), but these days I’m definitely a glasses gal.

I’m usually not driven by brand names, but when it comes to eyewear, I’m all Ray-Bans, all the time. (And no, they’ve never sent me any products, this love is 100% pure y’all.) What’s your go-to eyewear brand?

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6 thoughts on “Gear Review: SportRx Prescription Active Eyewear

  1. Robin Follette says:

    I found your blog through the Sierra Club’s blog. Nice!

    I’ve been stalling on wearing contacts less and glasses more because of sunglasses. I didn’t want to switch between glasses and sunglasses, seemed like a hassle. Polarization and scratch resistance makes it less daunting. Love your blog!

  2. Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb says:

    You know I love all of your Ray Bans. =) I’d love a pair of my own but can’t bring myself to pay the money and just always by the $10 cheapo sunglasses. Totally guilty of what Rob said. Ugh. The pne good pair of sunglasses I have are Oakleys that I won from a giveaway on HB’s blog. Haha! But I’m so protective of them and only wear them for running and hiking.

  3. Ryan says:

    I used to use prescription mountaineering glasses for my alpine adventures–those were absolutely crucial. For hiking and rock climbing I just had a pair of regular glasses with transitions lenses that I found to be just fine. But then I got Lasik and haven’t looked back! 🙂

  4. Katie B says:

    Hi, Katie! I’ve been a long-time follower, but as a glasses and contacts-wearing active gal, I thought I could contribute to this.
    I have horrendous near-sighted vision, as in things get fuzzy about a foot in front of my face. Out of necessity, I wear contacts most of the time. When I’m backcountry backpacking and climbing (like in the Winds or the Tetons), I do wear my contacts and carry glasses in my pack. That way if something gets in my eye or I drop a contact and can’t find it, I have glasses as a backup. If I wore just my glasses and they got hit with something or fell off from several pitches up, I would have no backup (My glasses are actually Ray Bans, and YES they ROCK!) and things would get real interesting real quick. I’m tried prescription sunglasses before, and I don’t like that they force you to keep them on your face, even if the weather changes throughout the climb/day. And I’m not a fan of switching back and forth between glasses and sunglasses- more times to drop things!
    For a sunny afternoon jaunt, I could see them being quite nice. 🙂
    Anyhow, that’s my two cents after a lot of trial and error. Keep on keepin’ on with your awesomeness! 🙂

    • Katie Boué says:

      Hey fellow Katie! Thanks for being a long-time follower, you rock. Thankfully my vision isn’t quite that bad, but I’d probably be in the contacts tribe right along with you if my eyes were just a bit worse than they currently are. My boyfriend is constantly switching between his sunglasses and glasses (always has one hanging from his shirt) and it looks like such a pain in the ass to deal with, haha. High-five for Ray Bans!

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