Snowflakes, chalky hands and quinoa for breakfast – the best of Horse Pens 40

I’ve kept you waiting long enough; it’s time for a hearty recount of my recent visit to Horse Pens 40 in Steele, AL. The best photos, the best stories, the best of HP40.

Spending a night at Matt Wood’s humble abode in Powder Springs, GA has become a climbing tradition to rival our obligatory pit stops at Cracker Barrel. Even better than the accommodations provided by our bearded friend are the treats his father always has waiting for us. Last time, it was homemade chili. This time? Well, see for yourself:

After loading our swollen bellies with good eats, we set off towards our final destination. Upon arriving at Horse Pens, we were surprised with an unexpected delight: a short snow flurry. As a lady of the Sunshine State, I was elated to be in the presence of snow, and eagerly ran through the campsite collecting flakes in my hair.

The snowfall quickly ceased, and our attention returned to climbing. The first day was a little damp, but we made the most of it by collecting some beta for our projects and fooling around on the rocks.

Day two brought beautiful weather and great climbing. Niko and I had to leave a bit early, but he was still able to crush some serious rock. As for Mulletino, it wasn’t a send, but at least I made progress. I’m stuck at the ‘crux,’ and as soon as I master the hardest move, it’s all jugs ’till the finish.

Niko and Ryan put their best efforts into a route named ‘Sliders’ before we packed up and made the trek back to Florida. It wasn’t a send, but it gave Niko a good reason to make a return trip.

Don’t worry kids, there’s 100+ more photos to come on Facebook. Until those get posted, here’s a few more shots to keep you occupied:

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