Ski Trip Packing Tips: Planning a Ski Trip in Three Easy Steps

I'll totally admit it, I felt like a bad ass on those bunny slopes in Vail.Spring may have sprung for southerners, but up here in Utah, the snow is still dumping. In the spirit of inspiring all you adventurers up north to get in a few last turns on a spring skiing trip. Today’s guest post was written by Micah Moon – who I hope is getting in a some last-minute snow bunny adventuring before the heat sets in! 

When planning a ski trip there are many things to consider. From deciding where to go and how long to stay to choosing whether to drive or fly, there are many decisions to be made. But possibly one of the most important decisions you have to make is deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. Here are just a few ski trip packing tips whether you drive or fly.

1.     Consider the cost.

Whether or not you own your own ski equipment, there is a cost to consider when packing up heavy snow gear for a ski trip.

  • Driving – When driving you need to consider how your ski gear will slow you down and how much more gas you’ll use because of the extra cargo in tow. Also, the more large-sized gear you bring, the less room you’ll have for suitcases, snacks and passengers. Say for example, you’re planning a ski trip for four, and you pack your skis so you have to take two cars. Is it cheaper to rent skis at the slopes if it means driving only one vehicle? Whenever you drive with gear strapped to your roof, make sure it is strapped securely in place. Loose equipment and luggage can pose a hazard to your visibility while on the road. Also, you should consider increasing your car insurance to full coverage insurance anytime you travel. If you think you may not have enough coverage, request an insurance quote or two to make sure you and your vehicle are protected while traveling to and from the slopes.
  • Flying – If you fly, most airlines let you check one ski or snowboard bag and one boot bag in place of your suitcase. However, always check with your preferred airline before heading to the airport, because fees and restrictions do usually apply. This means that depending on cost, it may be in your best interest (and the best interest of your budget) to rent your skis (or snowboard) and boots at the resort. Because, remember, the fees will apply both on your flights to and from your skiing destination.

2.     Carry it on. 

If you’re flying to your ski vacation, never check any items you won’t be able to do without, advises Frommer’s writer Kara Murphy. Whether it’s your favorite gloves, goggles or knee brace, always be prepared for delayed luggage at best and lost luggage as the worst case scenario. If you keep necessities such as these in your carry on, even if the unfortunate occurs and your luggage was lost or delayed, you’d still be able to have an enjoyable ski trip. On the flip side, if you’re driving, always bring valuables with you when you head into a rest stop or gas station for added protection of the items you certainly can’t live without. This includes purses and wallets and cell phones, but can also include other ski items that you don’t want to risk losing.

The fresh colors of the leaves were complimented beautifully by the contrast of the pristine snow. 3. Choose double duty items.

The way you pack your car for a ski trip or even just your suitcase can be the thing that can make or break your trip.  Consider packing items that can do double duty while you’re away. For example, instead of bringing a stack of books you hope to read, a camera, a music device and a video camera, why not load up your smartphone to save space while doing double duty at the same time? Most smart phones come equipped with a GPS, a music device, camera, video camera and more so you can pack one item that has multiple uses, saving you space and sanity. Another way to do double duty is to consider the clothes you wear under your snow suit while skiing. Can they also be used as your work out gear or cozy, casual clothes for when you lounge in the resort when you’re not on the slopes? Can your hiking boots also be used to go snowshoeing or worn with a cute outfit for a chilly night out exploring the resort’s surrounding town? Consider how what you pack can be used in multiple ways – it’s sure to save you space and make packing a lot easier before you embark.

Whenever you’re driving or flying to your next ski trip, these are just three of the many ways to save space in your car or your suitcase, save money, and even save your sanity as your get ready to hit the slopes this winter.

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