Simply Adventure update: Sponsorships, funding, and buying the van!

Wow. At first, Janaury 25th felt like it was a lifetime away, but as our departure date approaches, everything is beginning to feel a lot more real. And by real, I mean a truly overwhelming cacophony of excitement, terror, and pressure.

In 102 days, Niko and I will be officially beginning
the yearlong journey of Simply Adventure.

And, Simply Adventure has a lot of updates to share! So here goes:

Trip Planning: The most exciting item we’re planning to purchase for the trip (besides the van) is a giant map where we’ll start to plan out our route. We already have the first few months outlined: first, a jaunt to Houston to visit our climber friend Teresa and go climb at Reimer’s Ranch – followed by a few weeks in Hueco Tanks. Afterwards, we’ll head south of the border for what promises to be an amazing multi-pitch experience at El Potrero Chico in Mexico.

After Mexico, our plans are very vague – so we want your input! If you’ve got a local crag we must climb at, want to offer us a shower and/or place to park the van for an evening, or just want to meet up for some adventuring, let us know! We’ll be ironing out our plans more solidly over the next month.

Sponsorship: In the past few weeks, we’ve been connecting with a lot of fantastic outdoor brands that have been eager to lend a hand in supporting our mission to spread the word of conservation, outdoor recreation, and land stewardship. We’ve received wonderful gear sponsorships from Teton Sports and Columbia Sportswear, and our climbing lifestyle is being supported by Stonelick crash pads, ClimbOn! products, and Tallahassee Rock Gym. Over the weekend, we secured another sponsor:

The Simply Adventure project is officially
powered by Goal Zero solar energy!

Documenting and sharing a yearlong adventure while living out of a van is going to be no easy task – but thanks to Goal Zero, we’ll never be left in the dark. Our cameras, computers, and all our electronic gear will be kept charged for the entire journey – so you’ll always be able to connect with us! We are beside ourselves with excitement, thank you Goal Zero!

The Van: Our self-imposed deadline for getting our Sprinter is quickly approaching, so I’m headed down to Miami next week to see what I can do about turning my 2009 Scion tC into a Sprinter van. (Anyone want to buy my Scion? But really.) You can expect a huge, excited blog post once we finally have our new home. I can’t believe I’m going to be living in a van for a year – Niko always talked about it when we first started dating, and I told him he was nuts. Now here I am, selling everything I own to move into a Sprinter. Touché, Niko.

Fundraising: We’ve got the basic gear, we’ve (almost) got the van, and we’ve got the passion – but we’re missing the funding to truly make our project possible. I was planning on launching a Kickstarter to raise money for the technological equipment we’ll need to make our mission come to fruition – but Kickstarter is a really huge pain in the toosh, and after requesting my driver’s license information, social security number, bank accounts, etc. I decided it wasn’t the best option for Simply Adventure.

So we’ve launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to help us meet our financial goals in order to create the ultimate resource for adventurers. (And in leiu of all birthday/christmas presents, I’m asking family and friends to donate to the project instead – I love presents as much as the next gal, but the last thing I need right now is any more stuff.)

We’re aiming to raise $5000 by Thanksgiving
which will allow us to purchase all our equipment, editing software, wireless access while we’re on the road, etc.

Here’s what the fundraising money won’t go to:

  • My insatiable cravings for sushi. (Seriously, we have been hoarding spare change in a glass jar we call “The Sushi Fund.”)
  • Niko’s need for a pair of shoes without holes in them.
  • Our lodging costs (because we’re pretty much going to be sleeping on the side of the road every night).

We would be eternally grateful to see your support of our big dreams. Even the smallest contributions make a huge difference – and we appreciate every cent of support. We also appreciate all the support in spreading the word, so even if you can’t donate, tweeting or posting about our fundraiser is a huge help. We’ve got a huge project ahead, and we need all the funding to support the technological aspects as we can get. Although, if you’d like to give us some money for sushi, we’d never turn that down either.

PS: The first five people to donate to the fundraiser will be receiving
a limited edition Simply Adventure t-shirt as a big ‘thank you!’

Thanks for all the love, everyone! We can’t wait to give you more updates and continue building the hype as the departure date for Simply Adventure ticks closer and closer.

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9 thoughts on “Simply Adventure update: Sponsorships, funding, and buying the van!

  1. Colorado Gal says:

    I’m so excited for y’all to do this!! Living out of a tent was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I think living from your van will be the same type of experience. I’ll definitely get some money your way 🙂

    • Katie Boué says:

      Vicky! You can click the big picture (the screen shot of the IndieGoGo page), and it will take you straight to the fundraiser. I also just posted a link on my Facebook. Thank you for the support, it means the world! 🙂

  2. Vicky Sanz says:

    If you make it to Milwaukee, you might as well come to Chicago! You could climb a building or two? I know a boy who did that for his master’s thesis. I’ll tell you all about it!

  3. Dad says:

    Looks like a great cross-country adventure. But Florida seems under-represented, so to speak. I think it would look better on the map if you started in Miami or maybe Key West (any climbing there?).

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