Sunshine + Shorelines: San Diego Mini-Trip Report

If there’s one thing I love even more than the mountains, it’s the sea. I’ll always be a Miami gal, so when Honda offered to fly me out to San Diego for a press event a week after I moved to Colorado, the only acceptable answer was “YES PLEASE!

The purpose of the trip was to spend the weekend test driving the all-new 2015 Honda Fit – but I agreed to a media information embargo until April 9th, so I’ll have to keep the details about the car a secret for another week. Until then, here’s a little peek at what I did before, during, and after the actual test-driving adventures.

My view of San Diego coming in on my Southwest Airlines flight.The journey began with a quick two hour flight from Denver to San Diego. Y’all, this may be my favorite flight route of all time. It started with a crossing over the Rocky Mountains (holy turbulence!), before flying over dry desert landscapes, including the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park. After passing over the Salton Sea, we hit another ridge of green mountains before the Pacific Ocean came into view. Landing in San Diego was a riot – you literally fly through downtown. I felt like we were going to side-swipe a skyscraper at any moment.

I was scooped up at the airport – and totally giggled when I saw a dapper man in a suit holding a sign with my name on it. Is this real life? After checking into the stunning Andaz Hotel, I snuck away before the first press dinner to meet up with two of my favorite Californians for cocktails at a hip (but not offensively so) bar called Neighborhood. Alyssa and Paul are one of the coolest couples – they race triathalons, are total foodies, and have some killer projects up their sleeves.

Drinks at Neighborhood in San Diego.My lovely lady friend Alyssa! As soon as I got back to my hotel room, the weekend took off at full speed. It was a totally whirlwind of seafood, car specs, driving all over San Diego, and meeting fantastic people. I finally got to put faces-to-the-names of Jeff from SoCal Hiker, and one of my favorite lady bloggers of all time, Kam from Campfire Chic.

When it came time to get behind the wheel of a 2015 Honda Fit, we had to choose driving partners – so naturally I ran straight for my #omniten brother, Casey of Modern Hiker. He has proven himself many times as a worthy adventure partner, and he even let me pick which color Fit to drive around! Couldn’t resist the spice of the red color.

Casey (from and I getting ready to test drive the 2015 Honda Fit in San Diego.
We spent the afternoon speeding around San Diego, cruising from the one-way streets in downtown to the rolling hills along the coastal highways. There was a surprise photo contest involved, so we even made a pit-stop at a local surf shop to convince the owner to let us “borrow” a few surfboards to toss into the hatchback. Casey entertained my craving for the ocean, so we stopped at Mission Beach and strolled along the shoreline for a bit before heading back to the Honda festivities.

I can’t imagine my life without mountains nearby, but traveling to San Diego made me realize how much I adore the ocean. Even though the Pacific chilled my toes the moment I dipped my feet into the water, just being near the salty air and sandy shores was instantly blissful.

Mission Beach in California. I adore the mountains, but the sea will always capture my soul.My view from lunch in San Diego!At the end of the day, we gathered at a local taco joint/cocktail bar to announce the winners of the day’s contests – and Casey and I both ended up victorious! Casey impressed everyone by getting 42 MPG during his test drive (the Fit is only advertised as getting up to 41!), and I won for my photo of us with the surfboards in our Fit. We both got $500 donated to the San Diego Special Olympics in our name, which was the icing on an already fantastic experience.

I’m already back in Colorado, but California is high on my radar for future adventure travels. I have an airline voucher I need to use before the summer ends – and I’m thinking another flight to the west coast is in my future! From the driving around Mission Beach to jamming to jazz music at a downtown speakeasy, San Diego knows what’s up.

Stay tuned for more from my adventure to San Diego with Honda! On April 9th I’ll be able to dish out all the details about what I thought of the car. If you’re curious for more, check out the #FitForYou hashtag on Instagram for more from the other folks on the trip! (Spoiler Alert: I’m already investigating ways to trade in my Scion.)


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8 thoughts on “Sunshine + Shorelines: San Diego Mini-Trip Report

  1. Kam says:

    It was SO great to finally meet you, Katie! I’m glad I had you, Casey, Jeff, and Joan at the event…It doubt it would’ve been half as fun without all of you 🙂

    As for future trips to California: YES YES YES.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Katie you’re SO sweet! It was a blast and Paul and I can’t wait to visit you in Denver sometime! Anytime you need a place to crash here, give us a holla 🙂

  3. Jeff Hester (@theSoCalHiker) says:

    Katie, it was great meeting you face-to-face in San Diego! Honda should change their motto to something like “bring outdoor bloggers together…”

    I’m sure our paths will cross again someday, but as you said, it was good to put a face to the name.

    P.S. I shamelessly borrowed your photo of our group for my San Diego post.

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