Gratuitous photos of Amble the Blue Heeler Adventure Pup

Let’s face it, no one is interested in plain ‘ole me anymore. Now that I have an adorable puppy in my life, it’s all about Amble. No one asks me how I’m doing, they want to know about my four-legged daughter. And you know what? I’m totally down with that. She’s way cooler than I am.

A few weekends ago, a photographer spotted Amble hanging around the rock gym during a First Friday event  in Railroad Square. I wasn’t there when she asked Niko if she could take a few photos of Amble (uh, duh you can!) – but Niko gave her my e-mail address so I was surprised one morning with two beautiful photos of my little lady.

Just had to share them – I mean, who doesn’t love blue heeler puppy pictures? Feast your eyes, folks:

A gorgeous photo of Amble by  Donna Irene.Another playful photo of Amble by  Donna Irene.

Absolutely delicious, am I right? These photos are going to be hanging up on the wall of my future home. The photographer’s name Donna Irene, and she is clearly talented – I hate taking photos in the rock gym because it has notoriously horrible lighting for pictures, but Donna is a magician.

If you ever need photos taken in the Tallahassee area,
be sure to check out Donna Irene Photography!

And thank you, Donna, for this wonderful photographic gift. You captured Amble perfectly!

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