Operation Beautiful is TODAY!

As previously discussed in this Morning Fresh post, today is Operation Beautiful at Florida State University – and anywhere else you may be. Across campus, positive notes will be placed on bathroom mirrors, random hallways, car dashboards and everywhere in between. I’ve got my own little post-it pad ready for action, and am heading to class extra early this morning so I can run around spreading the good vibes.

If you see one of these somewhere on campus, you know who was responsible. I sincerely hope everyone takes a few minutes to participate in this inspirational event. I am going to bring my camera along with me to class today, in hopes that I’ll spot some other people’s notes. Check back at the end of the day for a mini-update with the images of Operation Beautiful notes found on campus. If anyone finds any post-its during the day, take a picture and I’ll feature it on The Morning Fresh!

Remember: You are beautiful. What you wear, how much makeup you have on, your hairstyle – none of that really matters, because you are a beautiful person. Pay no mind to the media, or the snappy girls around you – those projected fallacies aren’t beauty, YOU are beauty.

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