Official Results and Photos from Tally Rock Gym’s Save the South Competition!

I’ve kept you waiting long enough, it’s time to unveil the complete score listings and a few of my favorite shots from Tally Rock Gym’s phenomenal Save the South benefit competition for the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. It was a great event, and between all our entry fees, raffle ticket sales and other donations, we raised over $1,600 for the SCC! I am proud to have been a part of the competition. Everyone climbed hard, and we even had a collection of climbers travel to Tallahassee just for the event.

Our swag table stood impressively next to the registration counter, and we outdid our expectations for raffle sales thanks to our eager competitors who all wanted a shot at our giveaways, which included: a free shoe certificate from Evolv, complimentary stay vouchers from The Crash Pad of Chattanooga, guidebooks from Greener Grass Publishing, tasty certificates from VooDoo Dog and Bagel Heads, a free hold set from So iLL, and a load of swag from Pusher/Revolution, Mountain Khakis, Rock Candy and Kendal Jackson Bags.

The actual competition went swimmingly, with many climbers racking up impressive scores and hardcore sends. I must give a big shout out to Louie, Usman and Mike Stanton, who traveled from out of town to climb at TRG. Coming from huge gyms with impressive setups, it was a big compliment when the boys spoke highly of our walls, routes, community and the great time they had at our gym.

Enough talkin’ – here are a few of my favorite photos from the event. Check Facebook tomorrow for a complete posting of all the photography. Scroll past the photos to view the complete score listing (of competitors who turned in their score sheets, many did not).

Complete Score Listing of Tally Rock Gym’s “Save the South” Benefit Competition:


Caleigh Louis – 2650
Alice Hafer – 2640
Katie Devick – 2580
Libbi Gilson – 2480
Allie Joura – 2295
Haley Manrique – 2255
Ashley Husband – 1565
Kristin – 985
Tessa B. – 845


Louie Talacay – 3725
Usman Bashir – 3695
Dave Valdivia – 3355
Mike Stanton – 2870
Bryan Cox – 2690
Jim Smith – 2660
Colton Peters – 2630
Bo Durham – 2610
Max Richardson – 2600
Andy Weiss – 2570
Nick Seale – 2480
Bob Rosenbaum – 2345
Ricky Quirao – 2320
Bo – 2265
Thomas Rudd – 2180
Alex Woo – 2140
Charlie Carbiener – 1905
Alex Griffel – 1760
Nick Reinhard – 1445
Matt Sumpter – 1370
Jacob Stalder – 1215
Dakota Lundeen – 1055
Scott Hodo – 1015
Kevin D. – 925
Charles Hatfield – 865

Congrats to all the competitors. Everyone climbed hard, and I couldn’t be happier with the results of the event. We had a blast, and raised a ton of money for a great cause. Two thumbs up, Tally Rock Gym!

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