Fresh Morning Monday: Florida Farewells, Adventures in Oil Pulling, and San Diego with Honda!

Who me? Back in Miami, again? After rolling with the punches during a very quick period of life changes, I’ve found myself tanning on the patio at my childhood home in Miami during my last week in Florida for the foreseeable future. As eager as I am to get out of this flat state and dive into the world of mountains and boulder fields, it has been great to relax and rejuvenate down here.

What makes Miami so wonderful? Here’s a peek:

photo4 photo3photo1

In a nutshell, my week is going to be full of playing in my backyard with Amble and Rusty, feasting on my mama’s outrageous homemade meals (crab legs, what!), exploring by the sea, and refreshing my spirit before my road trip from Florida to Colorado begins. Life is good, folks.

While I’ve been down here, I finally went to Costco and bought a giant tub of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil – and totally got lured into trying the whole oil pulling thing. What is oil pulling? It’s basically an old-school method of detoxifying and promoting oral health by swishing some coconut oil in your mouth for 2o minutes every day. I know a few ladies and gentlemen who are big fans of it, but I’m waiting at least two weeks before I decide if I think it’s worth it or not. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone else who has tried it!

Continuing with my new quest to be healthier and spend more time focusing on my body and wellbeing (because hey, single life has some perks – like all the time in the world to proritize you), I was stoked to arrive in Miami to a package from Skinourishment waiting on my bed. There were were a few great new products in the box that I can’t wait to review for y’all – starting with a big head-to-head-to-head climbing salve review I’ve been putting together for a few months. Stay tuned for more from Joshua Tree Organics, Giddy, and ClimbOn!

From Miami to Tallahassee and all the way to Denver, March is bringing a lot of travel and adventure my way – but the journey won’t stop once I arrive in Colorado. I’m really excited to share with y’all that at the end of March, Honda is flying me out to San Diego to test drive the new 2015 Fit! As someone who has experienced long cross-country road trips driving everything from Honda Pilots and Scion tCs to last year’s epic Dodge Sprinter, I know that it takes a special car to be an adventure-worthy vehicle. Can’t wait to share my thoughts on the 2015 Honda Fit, and put it to the road warrior test down in Southern California!

Do you have any big adventures on your March agenda?
Has anyone else ever tried oil-pulling?
And most importantly: Who wants to play with me in Miami?!

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3 thoughts on “Fresh Morning Monday: Florida Farewells, Adventures in Oil Pulling, and San Diego with Honda!

  1. Will @SKINourishment (@SKINourishment) says:

    So excited for the road trip stories to come! Not to mention we are pretty stoked to hear about all these climbing balms, and a Honda Fit – you’re on a roll girl. Keep kicking butt.

    We like to think everyday is in adventure. Back in the day (1996) one woman created what we now know as climbOn! It has taken the climbing industry by storm through-out over 30 countries and we couldn’t be more proud than to be on the journey.

    Every day is a new issue to tackle. From a huge order coming in from a retailer, to our website processing going down, to learning that there was a printing error on new packaging. In these adventures we get to hear some of the most wonderful stories of all time about how we improve lives through our products.

    We wouldn’t trade that for anything. Countless times people have tried to knuckle us into chaeper, less quality ingredients but we are in to make change for many, many, more years!

  2. Abby says:

    Excited to hear that you’re trying oil pulling. Even more excited to hear that you grew up in a flat state. I grew up in southern Louisiana and never put hand on a rock until a year ago. I’m trying to get in to climbing but I fear I’ve had a really late start. I love it though! If you still have a hankering for seafood and you’re ever in New Orleans send word my way!

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