Mission of the Day – Find a Great Hidden Spot Outdoors

You heard me, readers – I’m sending you on a mission today. With beautiful weather that’s warming up into the 80s, it would be a crime to stay inside today.

Your task is to venture outside and find some place beautiful. It doesn’t have to be an epic trek into the unknown to find a hidden gem; all you have to do is open your eyes and appreciate what nature has surrounded your life with.

The photo below comes from a great unexpected find in Wyoming. Our Jeep was puttering on its last drops of gas, and Jeff decided to take the next exit in hopes that a gas station would be there. Well, there was no gas, but we found this beautiful boulder formation:

You’ll have to excuse the shabby iPhone images, spontaneous adventures often result in me not having a proper camera.

Another example of a great spot was found during the last remnants of the summer of 2010. I was enjoying a lazy morning drive that left me lost somewhere on the Woodville Highway. I veered off a little road, and followed it until it dead-ended. I found myself at a dock, and this is what I encountered:

Get outside, and explore!
Spring is here, and you’d be a fool not to bask in this sunshine.

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