Meet Amble, Future Adventure Pup Extraordinaire

Since long before we bought a van and traveled the country for a year, Niko and I have been dog-crazy. We love dogs, but have been limited to loving on the pups of others for way too long. The idea of getting a dog right before leaving on a big adventure wasn’t a wise decision for us, so we spent ten months playing with every dog we could get our paws on. There was sweet Philia in Joe’s Valley, lovable Aztlan in Squamish, Heidi’s pack of four-legged family members, our darling Daila in Denver, Oso the furry bear buddy, floppy-eared Watson in Seattle, and so many more pups that I totally lured into my van.

With our yearlong adventure finally winding down, Niko and I decided that we wanted to adopt ourselves a pup for Christmas. Jillian from Tenders and Trails connected me with a wonderful woman, Cathy, in Mississippi who helped Jillian adopt her malamutes. I told Cathy I was interested in rescuing a blue heeler mix pup sometime in December, but it only took her a few days before she started tempting me with beautiful heelers who needed homes. It was hard, but I resisted the first few dogs – we weren’t ready yet, and if we were going to jump the gun, we wanted to find the one.

One morning while Niko and I were sleeping on the side of a road in Chattanooga, I woke up to a photo Cathy sent me of two little six-week old abandoned pups. The photo was focused more on a black and white pup with pretty features, but I was instantly drawn to the speckly little lady snoozing in the back. I rolled over, prodded Niko’s sleeping bag, and said “I promise this is going to be worth poking your head out.” And it was. Our Blue Heeler mix puppy, Amble.

I told Cathy right away that we wanted the little speckled gal, and we started working out how we could get our hands on the puppy we had already named Amble. We made plans to leave Tennessee early to drive out to Mississippi and pick up Amble. It was a 13 hour detour, but it was worth every mile. As soon as we met Amble for the first time, we were in love. Cathy armed us with a bag full of food, well wishes, and records of the vaccinations she had received, and we loaded Amble into the van for the long drive to Florida. Amble, our blue heeler puppy, snoozes on the drive to Florida.Amble finally wakes up on the drive to Florida.

Amble has been an angel (well, mostly). She adores traveling in the van, and falls asleep as soon as the engine is running. She is a totally daddy’s girl, and follows Niko around wherever he goes. On our second day together, Niko taught her how to “sit” – and now Our first family portrait with Amble, our blue heeler mix puppy.she knows “leave it” “stay” and “come”. Our lifestyle is taking a pretty drastic change; it used to be all about us, all the time, but now our main focus every moment of the day is on Amble. She’s a lot of work, and will continue to be, but she’s the best thing that ever happened to us.

And she’s going to make one hell of an adventure dog. She needs to finish her vaccinations before she can become a proper crag dog and play in the woods, but we’re giving her a hefty dose of exploration every day. She’s met big dogs, little dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, and so many adoring humans. Amble already loves the rock gym, conquered her first set of stairs, and even crashed a wedding with us on a farm.

She might be a little rascally when we haven’t tired her out properly, but she’s the sweetest pup in the world – I hope y’all like puppy pictures, because you’re going to see a LOT over the next decade. 

I’m also taking bets right now: How much do you think Amble will weigh when she grows up? Blue heelers usually max out between 30-35 lbs, and at about eight weeks old, she currently weighs 7.2 lbs. She isn’t a purebred, and I think she has American bulldog in her based on the way she sits and the shape of her rump. I think she’s going to weigh 38, Niko says 30.3, and all the other votes fall in between the two. Winner gets a milkshake!

PS: Thank you so much to Cathy for helping us rescue Amble. She was so wonderful and allowed us to complete our little adventure family. If you’re ever looking to rescue a dog, Cathy is so dedicated to helping dogs in need, and I would highly recommend getting in contact with her to save a dog who needs a forever home!

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11 thoughts on “Meet Amble, Future Adventure Pup Extraordinaire

  1. Jillian Bejtlich says:

    I’m going to guess somewhere right around 39lbs. When we got Yuri (the husky pup Cathy helped us with), everyone was fairly sure he was 4 years old and done growing at 43lbs. Turns out he was more like 10 months old and is now a happy, healthy, and strong 65lb 3 1/2 year old!

  2. Sarah Z says:

    Doesn’t matter what she weighs; she’s got a happy home! Kudos to you for adopting a dog responsibly! I’ve been a dog owner/handler for years and it warms the cockles of my heart to see people making smart choices about when and how to bring a new friend into their family. Best wishes to all three of you! 🙂

  3. Katch says:

    Kory has been pushing for us to get a puppy… I’m thinking the next few months of seeing photos of Amble might be just the thing to convince me.

    Kory thanks you!

  4. Anne Mitchell says:

    HI! We adopted a blue heeler mixed puppy in Texas a few years ago. She looked much like Amble’s puppy pictures. Our “Bella” is now 2.5 years old and tall and very, very athletic and fast on her feet. She can run like a coyote! We have two older West Highland Terrier rescues, who try very hard to keep up with her. I spent nearly $100 on one of those DNA test kits from Amazon, to determine her ancestry, and they came back with Cocker Spaniel and Boxer. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. What a scam. Don’t waste your money.

    What we do know, is that this terrific mix of a Blue Heeler is the best dog we have ever had. She is loyal, affectionate, protective but not overly aggressive, and is a wonderful traveler.

    Rescue dogs are the best. Always. Enjoy your special rescue and companion!

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