Joining Columbia Sportswear’s inaugural OmniTen crew for a season of epic adventures

After thirty hours of driving across the country, I finally returned to Florida well after nightfall – and immediately pounced on a mysterious package I had received from Columbia Sportswear. On the top of the box, a sticker for “OmniTen” was slapped across the cardboard.

I dug into the box, which held another box, and lifted the lid to discover a quick letter on Columbia Sportswear letterhead. Elated, I devoured the contents of the letter, which informed me that I was selected to join a team of ten influential outdoor adventurers with strong social media presences. Columbia Sportswear invited us to form the inaugural OmniTen crew, which is given early access to new gear – and Columbia will be taking us on epic adventures to put their gear to the test. 

The first adventure? I received a late-night e-mail with a spontaneous invitation to head out to the Chugach Mountains for eight days of all-inclusive heli-skiing in Alaska. WHAT! Since I only recently conquered the bunny slopes, I figured dropping out of a helicopter to shred fresh snow would be better left to seasoned skiers like fellow OmniTen member, and one of my favorite adventure ladies, Gina Bégin. Even though I won’t be heading to Alaska for one last winter trip before spring sets in, I’m beyond excited to see what else Columbia has in store for me.

But back to my package. Check it out:


The cleverly designed box contained three compartments with informative flaps describing the treats that were waiting beneath. The first was “The Compounder Shell,” a waterproof and super breathable dry-shell jacket that features Omni-Dry and Omni-Wick EVAP technology to keep both rain and perspiration at bay while I’m out in the wilderness. The middle compartment presented a bright blue “Solar Polar Top,” with featuring Omni-Freeze ICE that is triggered by my hot sweat to drop the fabric’s temperature and create a cooling sensation – SWEET.

Finally, my favorite part of the package. The wonderful folks at Columbia Sportswear sent me a fresh pair of charcoal and blue kicks, which couldn’t have come at a better time as I am currently alternating between too-big hiking boots, and tattered Toms when I adventure outdoors. Now I can ditch the mediocre footwear in favor of my new “Powerdrain Shoes“, hybrid water shoes that look like running sneakers and feature Tech-Lite and Omni-Grip technology.

Words can’t begin to express how excited, surprised, and eager I am about this thrilling new venture. I’m humbled to have been handpicked by Columbia Sportswear to join OmniTen, and am endless thankful for the opportunity to participate. Stay tuned for some seriously epic adventures, my thoughts on Columbia’s new products, and more. 

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17 thoughts on “Joining Columbia Sportswear’s inaugural OmniTen crew for a season of epic adventures

  1. Barbara says:

    Congrats, Katie girl! I’m glad they chose you — an awesomely, fearless adventurer. Go girl-power! ^_~. Have fun & be safe.

  2. diana says:

    just found your blog! totally awesome! How long have you been climbing? I dig climbing indoors but not high up..especially not free climbing…ekkkk

    • Katie Boué says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Diana! I’ve been climbing for about two and a half years now – and I totally feel you on the not-high-up preference. 😉 My mantra is “High numbers, low balls.” Gimme hard problems that don’t get too high-ball. 🙂 Keep climbin’!

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