It’s official: the new condo has passed the ‘Climber Dinner Party’ test!

Within the past year, I have developed a huge adoration for hosting, and attending, family-style dinners with my climber crew. Not quite apt for pounding shots of vodka or the Florida State ‘club’ scene, my kin from the Tallahassee Rock Gym have fallen into a trend of pot lucks, dinner parties and barbecue grilling.

My enormous old house at 2208 proved to be an excellent venue for hosting dinners; it had a spacious kitchen, lots of room for socializing and a great backyard for fire pits. Moving into my new, smaller condo presented a possible detriment to my passion for being a hostess – but fear not, because the new place has passed the ‘Dinner Party’ test with flying colors. The clean, updated kitchen was one of the first things that drew me to the property, and cooking up huge batches of spaghetti with alfredo sauce – in both vegetarian and chicken varieties – was achieved without fault, if you’ll overlook Niko’s rookie mistake of putting way too much spaghetti in a boiling pot.

What did my guests enjoy the most about the new digs? Our big, cushy couches. The last house meekly offered a painful futon that people refused to torture their rear ends with, so the new couches are a much welcomed improvement. I just need to learn how not to fall asleep on them, which has potential to become an issue.

As usual, I had a wonderful evening with my favorite people. My faithful dinner guests never fail to supply our meals with tasty treats, and this time we were delighted with John and Libby’s famous spicy guacamole, whole grain garlic bread, munchies from my mom and heaps of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Coors – which brings me to a totally irrelevant exclamation: Coors vs. Coors Light is a ridiculous battle that should never be fought. Coors, for the win.

If you haven’t had the fortune of attending one of our weekly dinner sessions, do yourself a favor and invite yourself over. Words can’t begin to express the wonderful group of people whose friendship I have been blessed to acquire. Last night, we enjoyed a smoky grilled feast at Ashley and Monty’s charming new house – and of course I’ll be posting those photos shortly.

Until then, keep munchin’ and keep truckin’ onwards. The upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. weekend had promised three days of unadulterated climbing in the North Georgia/Southern Tennessee areas, but the weather forecast seems to be raining on our parade – literally. As always, I’ll keep you updated!

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