It Keeps Getting Worse

I owe you an update about our day of climbing at The Garden of the Gods, but first I have to share something that rattled me to the core. After getting rained out during a bouldering session, we headed to Golden Corral for some all-you-can-eat goodness.

I was enjoying my gluttony, until a family of seven of the most severely obese people I have ever seen in my life came and sat next to us. The father was confined to a wheelchair, and had to be hooked up to oxygen due to his excessive weight. His youngest daughter was literally a sphere; she weighed at least twice as much as I do. That means that an eight year old child doubled the weight of a twenty-one year old woman. I know that America has an obesity problem, but I hadn’t quite realized that it was such a dire issue. Nearly every person at the buffet was overweight.

I watched in horror as the father delegated his order for his children to fetch – he was too large to navigate the buffet himself. As the family started pigging out on their feasts, I recollected my sense of manners and tried to politely ignore the scene.

I thought the situation was over, until I went to the restroom before we left. As I stepped out of my stall, one of the older daughters came rushing into the bathroom and proceeded to vomit up the contents of her stomach. I was disgusted, and hurried back to the table. As I recounted the story to the boys, my horror was amplified – the woman returned to her table with a teeming plate of food. How do you throw up so much, and then continue to consume what you just expelled from your body?

On the verge of tears from witnessing such a vile display of ‘America’, I asked the boys if we could leave before I grew any more upset. We headed to the car and sat in the parking lot for a short while to plan the remainder of our trip. As we waited at a stop light to hit the road, I was given one final spurt of ridiculousness: while the rest of the obese family drove away in their mini van, the father drove his wheelchair beside the car, because he was too big to fit inside the vehicle.

Take my experience as a reminder to take care of yourself. It really is not difficult. Eat well, and get outside to enjoy what your body can do for you. It takes years to become like the family I witnessed, and there is no excuse to let that happen.

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3 thoughts on “It Keeps Getting Worse

  1. Grace says:

    wow, that is just hideous. That makes me so sad. I’m applying to grad schools to specialize in eating disorders so maybe I will get a chance to help some people like this, because binge eating is a new disorder being considered for the DSM V.

    • Katie Boué says:

      I find it really phenomenal that you wan to help people like this. I just can’t even fathom how someone loses respect for their body to that extent. I start to freak out the minute I notice my body changing in a negative direction.

  2. AK says:

    I know I should be sad by this but I totally LOL’ed when you mentioned the dad riding alongside the car in his wheelchair.

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