Hittin’ the Road!

Today is the day! As I type, the boys are loading up the Jeep with tents, climbing gear, and a giant tub full of munchies. Baby Cap is all nestled into his mason jar – did I mention that he’s coming along for the ride? I can’t wait for the moment when he finally emerges from his chrysalis so I can release him into the beautiful wilderness that is about to be my home for the next two weeks.

Expect frequent updates, though they may not be as wordy as I typically am. We’re headed towards Tulsa, OK, as our first stop, then it’s off to meet our good friend Dan Cardenas out in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. From there we’ll trickle back down towards Florida, making stops to climb in Colorado and Utah. I cannot begin to express my excitement for all of the photography opportunities and story-telling material I am bound to come across during this adventure.

I developed my first roll of AE-1 film today, and even though it is slightly messed up because I didn’t realize my aperture is broken until after I took all the pictures, here’s my favorite shot from the roll. It is a great image to start my epic road trip, and it captures the spirit of this adventure perfectly. – And who doesn’t want to oogle at my gorgeous boyfriend?

Keep in touch, comrades. Leave me lots of comments to keep me occupied during the long stretches of driving. Send me suggestions on places to stop, travel tips, anything. If you’re in Tallahassee, make sure my housemates don’t burn the house down while I’m gone! Farewell civilization, hello America.

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