The Big Yellow Van has a Plan: We’re Heading to Kentucky Today!

After a month in Colorado’s tri-city area, Niko and I are elated to depart from the mountains of the west in favor of our most beloved part of the country: the southeast. But honestly, we had no solid plans about where exactly in the southeast we were heading – which occurred to us last night while we were trying to figure out a driving plan for the next few days. Oops!

But now we have a plan: We’re heading to Red River Gorge in Kentucky!Climbing one of my favorite routes at Red River Gorge, Plate Tectonics (5.10a).

We’ve got about 20 hours of driving ahead of us, but by Friday evening we’ll be in one of the most beautiful gorges I have ever seen, stuffing our faces with pizza from Miguel’s, climbing aesthetic sandstone lines all day, trying not to pee on copperheads, and drinking a LOT of Ale-8. I can’t wait to get back to the southeast, and The Red is a perfect spot to begin our homecoming tour.

Also on the agenda: our first Cracker Barrel stop since we left the southeast seven months ago. We’ve been hoarding gift cards waiting for the right moment to feast on chicken ‘n dumplins and savory breakfast platters – and the time is now! What better way to celebrate our return to the southeast than with a comfort meal, rocking chairs, and good ‘ole southern hospitality?

I cannot wait to get back to the southeast. These next few months are going to be full of climbing on sandstone (my favorite!), stuffing my face with corn nuggets, reuniting with old friends, and soaking up all the southern scenery. I hear it’s still blazing hot down there, but fall is on the way – and there is no better place to watch the leaves change than in the rolling hills of the south!

So, what does this mean for the blog? Well, Red River Gorge is a notorious pit of bad cell service and spotty wi-fi, so I might not have any updates until Monday. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter for more frequent updates whenever I get into a decent service zone. Cheers!

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