Granny’s Kitchen

Greetings from Arkansas! The drive to get out here took us a little over 14 hours, due to the fact that the boys absolutely refused to bring a GPS – apparently getting lost for hours makes the trip more authentic, or something.

We took turns sleeping throughout the night and pulled into Ozark National Forest around 5:30 AM this morning, right on time for the sunrise. After a quick rest stop in Jasper, AR, we pulled into the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. Livestock roams free on the property, and the highlight of my day was having to drive at a snail’s pace while a small herd of goats meandered down our muddy path. The climbing at this location was a failure due to unruly plant life and endless swarms of spiders, but the scenery was absolutely beautiful regardless.

Once we gave up on climbing we jumped on the road towards Tulsa, OK. Bellies empty and grumbling, we found our mouth’s watering when we came across Granny’s Kitchen in Huntsville, AR. This is where the good stuff comes in:

After we stuffed ourselves with pulled pork and mashed potatoes, our cheerful waitress came to the table and suggested that we get an order of ‘Granny’s Fried Bread’ for dessert – and I happily obliged.

Granny’s Fried Bread is a treat of three freshly baked, homemade rolls, which are deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Our waitress brought us over honey to top it with, and then another waitress spied our feast and tempted us with her favorite topping, ice cold strawberry jam. Friends, it was unbelievable.

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7 thoughts on “Granny’s Kitchen

  1. AK47 says:

    Hey guys!

    I’m glad everything is going well. I’m not surprised about the GPS thing, Niko is all about random adventures.

    Since I get to hear about your stories, you get to hear mine. I decided to borrow Niko’s truck b/c Eunice and Lauren needed help moving to class. On the way to class, I felt a suspicious sputtering. Well, after class I decided to haul ass to Mike’s Beer Barn to fill up. Let me tell you, I made it so that the Barn was within eyesight AND THEN the truck conked out. So I pushed the truck through the middle of (busy busy) Tennessee St and pissed off a lot of people.

    All in all, a great day. Thank Niko for me, the truck was much appreciated. And there is gas in there now.

    ALSO Bassnectar is coming to Tallahassee in September. If you want to go and can get online, buy pre-sale tickets for cheap! If you can’t find a way to get ahold of me so that I can buy some for you (if you want them that is).

    You all be safe! You are wonderful people


    • Katie Boué says:

      Wow, thanks for the entertaining recount of your adventures in Niko’s truck, it gave us all a good laugh! Bless that old truck, she’s holdin’ on with everything she’s got.

      How much are BassNectar tickets? And what venue are they playing at?

      Keep us updated with fun stories from back home! We’re driving through Kansas today and it is pretty damn boring.

      • AK47 says:

        Bassnectar is less than $20. I believe the price is $16 for presale. I’m not sure though.

        Also what is Brooke’s phone number? I went to call her to hang out and realized I did not have it. Thx!

        Niko be safe on ur Teton trip. You’re a smart kid but the mountain won’t give a shit.


  2. AK47 says:

    Also my loves, I need to send a message to Niko. Me and Brian NEED his money for rent. I can’t set up my account for a transfer b/c Suntrust sucks so tell him to tell his Dad to ASAP mail me the check. He needs to contact his dad when you read this message, since there is only a week to spare. And contact me so I know the situation.


    • Katie Boué says:

      Hey sweetheart, Niko just spoke with his dad and he is mailing the check today! Niko says, “thank you!”

      PS: You HAVE to come to Colorado with us next time! It is truly breathtaking out here.

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