Getting weak, growing up, and getting back in the game.

It’s been 2015 for exactly one month – and so far, I’m pretty psyched about this year. I’m absolutely smitten with my job running social media at Outdoor Industry Association, my calendar is full of travel, and I’ve been making fairly good on my resolutions.

But here’s the thing: I am so over winter. I haven’t been climbing outside since December when I went to Indian Creek for a weekend – and while it was a fantastic weekend of sandstone and desert landscapes, it just wasn’t enough.

Bouldering at Indian Creek. Photo: Kyle O'Meara

Photo: Kyle O’Meara

Love the view from Big Bend boulders in Moab!

It’s basically impossible to get out to Utah or anywhere I want to climb (my hatchback is not snow-worthy), and a weeklong bout of the flu during Outdoor Retailer knocked me off my training game. I want warmth, and sunshine, and camping weather! Winter bogs me down, and the two weeks of training I missed during my sick phase knocked me off my groove. Coming back to the gym on leg day didn’t help either – my thighs are still on fire!

Well, maybe 2015 isn’t going as smoothly as I thought – yet. I finally recovered from weeks of sickness, which led to me also finally catching up on e-mails and turning my training plan into posts, cleaning out my pantry, and updating this blog. Tomorrow kicks off a solid week of training and climbing. Next week, I’m heading to Florida for my cousin’s wedding. March is quickly filling up with climbing trips to Utah and a possible adventure down to Tallahassee for the 5th annual Save The South bouldering competition.

And it all leaves me with 55 days to get in shape – or at least that’s what I’ve decided.

Two months of solid training ought to provide the perfect jumpstart to the spring climbing season. I chose the 55 day path because it leaves me (hopefully) in crush-mode right in time for the climbing comp at Tallahassee Rock Gym. It’s been so long since I’ve been back to my old home, so it’d be killer to come back in proper form. The plane ticket isn’t finalized, but even if this falls through I’ll hit spring ready to get outside and collect some new projects.

I’ll start sharing my training weeks/routines this week, in case anyone else out there wants to stop being such a winter couch potato and get back on the path towards climbing righteousness. It’s almost spring, y’all! My training all happens in the early mornings with my ladyfriend Heather, who thoroughly enjoys kicking my ass with new workouts. Oddly enough, I love waking up before the sun to go do some fitness – I get to start my day with cotton candy sunrises from Movement Denver.

A signature Denver sunrise seen from Movement Denver.

And I promise I’m going to get back to writing and playing on social media. It’s been a lot of work, work, work – and I honestly put some thought into cutting back on blogging all together. As much as I love putting all my creative energy towards my new job, I realized I still want to keep doing some of this for myself too. (And I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails that are going to make for some sweet Q&A posts!) So thanks for reading, and thanks for miraculously not letting my page views drop during my monthlong absence. You rock.



  1. says

    So stoked for warmer weather! Don’t let the CO winter get you down. There is so much good winter camping/climbing to be had. Hit any south facing wall and you will enjoy the ole stone in skin feeling that keeps us hugging rocks and wrestling pebbles. Enjoy Florida!

  2. says

    I am so so so ready for warmer weather. We’ve got about a month of crappy weather left in my region and I am definitely taking every chance I get to get out. We are lucky to get occasional heat waves in mid-winter so I can get out every now and then, thankfully.

    55 days? You’ve got this.

  3. says

    I absolutely love winter until about the end of January. By then I’m also ready for camping and warmth. Try booking a weekend getaway to Arizona or something to help get you through the last few months of winter.

  4. says

    Don’t stop blogging! I love your posts, your pictures, your motivation, and the psych that I get whenever I read them!
    I live in Northern MN, so I definitely get the winter thing. Usually we switch it ice or mixed climbing for the season, and even though it gets stupid-cold here, you learn to embrace going outdoors. Try Xcountry skiing, snowshoeing, or even getting a good pair of mukluks and going for a hike! 🙂
    (Just don’t stop blogging- I’d miss the awesome lady psych!) 🙂

  5. says

    that denver sunrise!!

    i am not a climber, but the sport fascinates me so much. It’s something I’d love to get in to. also, i had no idea they hold bouldering competitions in indoor gyms?! (i’m clearly new, bear with me here) they have an indoor gym in tampa, i may just have to venture on over 🙂

    welcome back to the blogging world, and good for you for keeping up with something that you love and is all yours!

  6. Sean says

    I just recently found your blog, and I can’t stop reading! I hope you don’t stop writing all together, you’ve got such a strong writing style!

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