Finally, on the road again – HP40, and climbers for Jesus, here I come!

My trips to Horse Pens 40 on Chandler Mountain in Steele, AL always seem to come during the most unusual of weekends. During our last trip, we shared the camp grounds with a crew of religious bikers who were celebrating their annual Pumpkin Moon Motorcycle Rally.

What’s in store for us this time around? This weekend, HP40 is hosting The Chandler Mountain Challenge, sponsored by Rock Solid Climbers for Christ. Oh, yes.

Thankfully, we’ll still be able to climb without participating in the event, but there will inevitably be some good stories to share after a weekend spent with climbers who “love to climb and as we do, we want to honor the God we serve and be a witness of Him.” Oh, I love Alabama.

Here’s some shots from good ‘ole Horse Pens 40:

I’m heading out now for an oil change and then stopping by Best Buy to pick up a new case for the Nikon, then it’s off to Matt Wood’s humble abode just outside Atlanta for the evening, then Horse Pens in the morning!

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3 thoughts on “Finally, on the road again – HP40, and climbers for Jesus, here I come!

  1. AK says:

    Dear Jesus,

    May you climb skillfully like a spider monkey and fall majestically like a peregrine falcon. For under God’s armpit, you shall see the limestone and the cobalt, the chalk and the basalt. Don’t take Him for Granite.


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