DIY – Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder

Living in the forested area of San Luis has given me a new appreciation for bird watching. We bought a feeder a few months ago, and flocks of cardinals and finches have been feasting ever since. In the mornings, it’s like a wildlife show in our backyard. The feeder is perched outside our living room area, but I wanted a feeder of my own outside my bedroom’s gorgeous windows.

I originally purchased a giant birdseed bell, like this one. Daisy devoured the first one, and squirrels stole the second one right in front of my eyes – so I decided it was time to build a better vessel for feeding my avian friends. This quick and easy craft is a great Sunday afternoon Do-It-Yourself project.

What you need:

  • A plastic bottle (milk jug, soda bottle, etc.)
  • A plastic dish with a lip (cleaned dishes from microwaved meals are perfect for this!)
  • A hot glue gun, or super glue
  • Some sort of hemp threading or wire.

How to make your own bird feeder:

  1. Wash out your recycled bottle and dish. Let the bottle dry out completely, or else your birdseed will get moldy.
  2. Carefully cut small holes around the base of your bottle. This will allow the bird seed to spill out from the bottle into the dish. I also cut a big hole near the middle/top of my bottle so birds could help themselves.
  3. Punch very small holes around your dish. This will allow any water to drain out of your feeder, thus preventing mold.
  4. Poke two small holes at the top of your bottle, and thread your wire through to hang the feeder. I always use hemp thread, and it holds up really well.
  5. Glue your bottle to your base, and let it dry thoroughly.
  6. Fill your bird feeder with seed. There are a ton of different birdseed varieties, I go with the cheapest mixed seed from Walmart. It gives you the best bang for you buck, and I doubt the birds notice the difference.
  7. Hang your feeder from a tree, roof overhang or anywhere in with a good view! It might take a few days for the birds to catch on, but as soon as they notice this new source of food, I guarantee you’ll have a busy feeder. It’s the best thing to wake up to.

This project took me less than ten minutes, and it was totally worth it – I already spotted my first visitor, munchin’ away at my new feeder. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone, and bundle up – it’s going to be 48 degrees tonight!

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6 thoughts on “DIY – Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder

  1. Dad says:

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I guess all those dreaded weekend projects while you were growing-up resulted in some useful skills.

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