Digging into Juan’s Famous Poo Poo Plate at Morrison Inn in Morrison, CO

After a grueling day of hiking to crags, exhausting yourself with beta, and the whole propelling-yourself-up-a-boulder thing, climbers need good grub and cold drinks to help us refuel – and there ain’t nothing better than a hearty plate of Mexican food to get you back on your feet.

Thanks to Mountain Project’s description of the Morrison/Evergreen climbing area, Niko and I gained curiosity about the highly acclaimed Mexican food in the area, especially the recommended Morrison Inn. Located only a few miles away from Three Sisters Park, we figured it would be a great place to unwind after a cold day of climbs. After a day of this, we loaded up our gear and followed the winding mountain roads that led us from Evergreen to Morrison.

Always a beer man, I was surprised when Niko expressed his interest in ordering a margarita. Naturally, he maintained his manhood by ordering a house variety on the rocks, and I stayed true to my own form with a sweet frozen strawberry flavor. My favorite part of my blended drink was the sugar-coated rim, yum.

We both felt comfortable in this cozy establishment, which has some of the friendliest waitresses I have ever encountered. Our particular waitress was quick to refill our constantly emptied salsa bowl, and her quirky antics left us feeling cheerful as we slurped up our drinks and pondered our next move.

As Niko and I sipped on our tequila cocktails and shoveled tortilla chips into our mouths, we scoured the menu in search of edible conquests. Always budget-minded, we decided to order something that we could share. Fish tacos and burly burritos called out to us from the offerings, but as soon as our eyes landed on “Juan’s Famous Poo Poo Plate,” we burst into giggles and found our meal.

To be honest, neither of us had a clue what “cocktail flautas,” or “petite chili rellenos” were, but we decided to take a gamble after our bubbly waitress told us the platter was an excellent choice. Curious, but even moreso famished, we continued noshing on chips and salsa as we waited for our mystery meal to arrive. We eventually spotted our waitress rounding the corner with an enormous spread of Mexican goodness – as soon as she delivered the mound of morsels to our table, I shot Niko a doubtful concern about our ability to clear the massive plate.

Truth be told, we totally demolished every last bite. The nachos were perfectly layered, the queso dip had an ideal balance of spice, and the mysterious flautas and rellenos turned out to be the best part of it all. The flautas were basically deep-fried tortillas wrapped up and stuffed with ground beef and seasoned chicken. My favorite portion of the platter were the petite chili rellenos, little fried balls oozing with jalapeno-infused cheese.

How we managed to fit all that food in our bellies after two huge margaritas and more refills on chips and salsa than I’d like to admit, I simply don’t know. We are veritable foodie champions, conquering the realm of Mexican food so readers like you can enjoy the stories while we clutch our bloated bellies. I would highly recommend this joint as a post-climb pit stop for any climber, hiker, or adventurer in the vicinity. Two thumbs up, Morrison Inn!

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