Confessing my climbing love affair at Thrillseekers in Denver, Colorado

I must start this post with a declaration of my undying, unwavering love for Tally Rock Gym. My marriage to this smelly, sweaty, dirty climbing facility cannot be touched, and nothing can ever come between the bond that I share with Tallahassee’s finest (and only) rock gym.

But this whole long-distance relationship thing is getting to be too much.

I’ve spent too many nights pining for my dearly beloved rock gym, and it’s come at the cost of my climbing abilities, and my now way-too-soft finger callouses. I went on a few first dates with the climbing walls here in Denver, but was turned off by their too-clean facilities and hoards of patrons who just used this place as an alternative to traditional gyms. I need a rock gym that’s as dirty as an outdoor crag, as smelly as my boyfriend after a week living in a tent, and as creatively set as my darling Tally Rock Gym.

And then I found Thrillseekers. It was love at first sight.

This phenomenal climbing facility knocked my socks off from the moment I pulled into the parking lot. Housed in an old theater, this joint reeks with evidence of the building’s past life. The stage was converted into a raised climbing area, the balcony transformed into a sweet bouldering section that you can actually climb up to from the ground level, and you can even spot the original ceiling molding peeking out from the hold-filled walls.

Unlike the overly-sterile gyms I had previously visited in Denver, this place instantly captured my adoration with dim lighting in the front desk area, messy rubber flooring, chalky old holds, and fellow climbers who didn’t give me the “who is this girl” stare when I hopped on the wall. The route setting was creative and challenging, and I spent my afternoon acquainting myself with the taped, dirty orange walls. I was in heaven.

While Tally Rock Gym will always take the cake as my favorite climbing gym, Thrillseekers has swiftly earned itself a second place ranking. I plan on investing in a membership when I return this week, and can’t wait to start frequenting the climbing walls. Nothing will ever beat the musty warehouse, family community, and collection of memories I treasure from my sweetheart gym in Tallahassee, but I’m ready to engage in a little love affair with Thrillseekers while I’m here in the Rockies.

Shh.. Don’t tell Tally Rock Gym about my infidelity.
I wouldn’t want to break her heart – this is just a fling.

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