Update on my Triple Crown climbing training (and failures) – and a GIVEAWAY!

Exactly 13 days ago, I began my four-week training effort to prepare me for the Triple Crown Bouldering Series competition at Hound Ears in North Carolina on October 6th. My original inspiration came from the “Fit for Fall in 4 Weeks” training program published on DPMclimbing.com

But it didn’t work so well.

Yes, that’s right, I failed at adhering to the program’s daily regimen. I began the first few days doing exactly what the training schedule called for, which totally whooped my rear end, but quickly realized that this cookie-cutter plan wasn’t going to work for my personal goals. There is one glaring reason why I have decided to make some changes to my 30-day training program:

The schedule didn’t include daily climbing.

In fact, the ONE day at the end of the four weeks that called for a real climbing day insisted that I not “go all out” on any projects. Uh, that’s just not going to happen. There were three ‘light’ climbing days spread out over the last two weeks, but let’s get real – I need to climb, every day.

While I definitely think that the Fit for Fall in 4 Weeks program is a great training method, it’s simply not the one for me at this point in time. It would be an ideal thing to do if I was feeling a bit burnt out on climbing and wanted to switch up my fitness, but right now, I’m psyched on climbing, and can’t bear to pull myself away from my projects.

So I’m changing things up a bit.

I really liked a lot of aspects of the original plan, and I’m going to stick with the factors that worked for me, like drinking a gallon of water every day, cutting out junk/processed foods, incorporating frequent aerobic exercising into my week, and balancing those lighter aerobic days with intense workout days. But, my friends, there will be climbing.

 Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Morning hangboard sessions: I am fortunate enough to live with a group of dirtbag climber boys, so I have a little woodie climbing wall and hangboard set up on the front porch. Each morning, I begin my day with a series of hangs, and a little circuit of lock-offs and movements on the wall. With stretching before and after, of course. I’ll be doing this at least four days a week.
  • Aerobic exercise: To round out all the workouts and climbing days, I really enjoy the aerobics encouraged by the Fit for Fall in 4 Weeks program. Niko and I have started riding our bikes to the gym on Mondays for climbing club meetings, and we’re going to dabble in our first trail running experience this week.
  • Indo-boarding: If you have an indo-board, I would highly suggest integrating it into your training. My housemates watch TV every evening, and I discovered that an hour spent on the indoboard instead of the couch is a great way to sneak a little exercise into my nights. It’s great for practicing balance, and I really like doing squats on it. There’s a whole series of indo board exercises you can try.
  • Core workouts: Aside from finger and shoulder strength, one of the things I really wanted to focus my training on is improving my core. Two of my lady climber friends turned me onto the P90x Ab Ripper workout, and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve been doing this 3 times per week, and plan to up that to 4 days/week. Between eating right and the ab workouts, I’ve already gotten a 4-pack back.
  • Climbing: One of my buddies once said, “The best way to train for climbing, is to climb.” – And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been incorporating a mix of lighter climbing days when I’ve done a big workout with harder climbing days where I project routes. Mixing rope climbing with my bouldering is another area where I’ve seen myself getting stronger.
  • Rest Days: Folks, no matter how strong you are, what kind of training you’re doing, or how long you’ve been at it – you need to take rest days. I’ve taken two thus far, one of which I spent walking a few miles at a greenway for three hours. Listen to your body, always.

The rest of this week will be spent putting some structure to the changes I’ve made for my personal training challenge, and then I’ll be spending the remaining days leading up to the Triple Crown bouldering competition fully immersed in my efforts to become a stronger climber. Stay tuned for a video update on my progress sometime next week! But for now –

Let’s amp up the training stoke with a GIVEAWAY
from GU Energy and BlenderBottles!

After the OR Show, I received a huge package full of samples from GU Energy. This company creates performance-minded drink supplements, energy gels, and jelly chews to keep athletes going strong during grueling days. I’ve had a blast sampling all the different flavors and varieties, and absolutely felt the effects. My favorite treat is the GU Chomps, little bite-sized chewy drops that give you a great burst of energy for an hour. They even come in a peach tea flavor (that I wish they sent me more of)! Did I mention that these products are gluten and dairy free? Pretty cool.

To help you all with your own training challenges, I’ve put together a package of these delicious GU Energy Labs goodies, plus a sweet BlenderBottle to compliment your supplements.

What You Can Win:

  • GU Chomps: Pure performance energy chews, loaded with amino acids, vitamin C and E, and electrolytes, blended with simple and complex carbohydrates. These things are SO delicious. 
  • GU Roctane Gels: Ultra endurance energy gel, in Pineapple, mint chocolate, and cherry lime flavors. A mix of caffeinated and caffeine-free varieties.
  • GU Brew: Pure performance electrolyte drink tablets. Low calorie, naturally sweetened tablets loaded with electrolytes to help accelerate the rehydration process to keep you going strong throughout the day.
  • A BlenderBottle Sportmixer: These bright 28-ounce, BPA-free water bottles come with a removable stainless steel wire whisk designed to help you shake up your powder supplements, juice, protein shakes, etc. It’s the perfect companion for all your GU Energy Labs supplements!

How To Enter:

It couldn’t be easier to enter yourself to win this package. All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me what inspires you to train. Whether you’re a climber looking to crush your project at a local crag, or a runner gearing up for your next big marathon, I want to hear about what gets you up in the mornings and motivates you to work up a sweat.

You can earn additional entries too (make sure to leave a separate comment for each):

I’ll be choosing a winner on the last day of my training challenge, October 4th!
Good luck to all entrants, and keep pushing yourself to the next limit.

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29 thoughts on “Update on my Triple Crown climbing training (and failures) – and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Andy Ryan says:

    Hello my friend…good post. After your initial post on the training program, I researched it myself and considered doing it as well. I didn’t start though. I realized that the program wasn’t aligned with my primary climbing goal. I’m working on developing my own regimen, which will hopefully get me where I need to be. The GU products were a lifesaver for me when I was in Germany. Climbing, then hiking, then climbing my way through the Alps was challenging and there was no doubt that GU helped give that extra boost.

    Thanks for being an inspiration and good luck! Peace.

    • Katie Boué says:

      Excellent, Andy! Great to hear a testimonial on the energy boosting powers of the GU products. I’ve become a pretty big fan of the fizzy drink tablets – at first I was a little thrown off, but I feel like they offer the best boost!

      Good luck. 😉

  2. Christopher Czaplicki says:

    All I need to get motivated to get going is to look at the mountains. Whether it’s pictures of the Sierras online or looking out my window at the San Gabriels, nothing else inspires me more to get moving then to looks at those peaks.
    Also, I totally agree with your take on “rude, pillaging climbers,” it is all of our responsibilities to teach about the preservation of the wilderness, just as John Muir taught us! The only way people will understand WHY a place needs to be preserved is if they are shown why first.

  3. ADKinLA says:

    Hey Katie, I am not training yet but will start doing it soon to gear up for a 2013 trip to the Grand Canyon and hopefully Mt. Whitney next year! I tried Gu once before and I know it will be of great use to me on the trails this year and next, love the blog!

  4. vmphillips says:

    I train to feel good! After years of eating processed, terrible food and feeling like a complete sloth, I finally woke up and realized eating well and exercising = the ONLY way to live my life. My body (and waistline!) thank me.

    • Katie Boué says:

      Yes! Same here, and now that I’ve gone ‘green’ with my lifestyle, anytime I revert back to my junky ways, I instantly feel like crap. Good luck with the giveaway! 🙂

  5. Al Quackenbush says:

    The terrain inspires me to train. Having tested it out when I was not fit was a huge wake up call. Now that I have been training, I was able to hit the Rockies for an elk hunt and now can hike the Cali foothills with respect for the land.

  6. Kristyn C says:

    Awesome post! What has always inspired me to train, no matter what it’s for (a distance I want to ride on my bike, a bike race, a distance I want to run, a speed I want to run) is how incredible the human body is and how it will respond to exactly want you put in it and how much you push it. I have the hardest time sticking to training plans because the people that wrote those plans aren’t me and they don’t know my body. I know how I need to nourish my body and how active I need to be and my body lets me know if I haven’t nourished it correctly, if I’ve pushed it too far, or if I haven’t pushed it enough. The end result is always what you make it, and that’s what makes me get up and go.

  7. Josh says:

    The thing that most inspires me to train is the memory of the days I don’t have fun. The days it hurts to breathe and my legs are screaming. On those days my body screams “why didn’t you train harder?!!” When I do train and stay in shape I find that outdoor sports are so much more enjoyable!

  8. erin graves says:

    My training inspiration? Checking off those boxes each day and knowing that I’m pushing myself to achieve a goal. Every workout builds on the previous day – I’m getting stronger, faster and when it comes to race day? Even though there are no guarantees on the outcome, I know I gave it my best effort.

  9. Rich Kolb says:

    Right now my wife and kids inspire me. My wife recently became a group fitness instructor and she keeps picking up new things to teach and become certified at. My kids are inspiring me because I need to lead by example with them. The growing problem of childhood obesity needs to be stopped at home, and how can I expect my kids to exercise if they don’t see me doing it?

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