Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Drinko! Or a few days after, I guess. I had an interesting day, to say the least. It started out pretty normal with me dropping my boyfriend off at his first day of summer classes, running to the bank, then naptime. Everything went downhill after I met up with the boys for a circuit workout at the Rock Gym. The circuit ended with a climbing a traverse lap around the gym, leaving me dripping in sweat and struggling to catch my breath. The obvious after-party for our grueling workout session? — Momo’s.

Now, this is where the trouble starts. First we hoped into our friend Nick Seale’s ‘truck’, or rather, his rusting red Bronco with the top sawed off to create a convertible effect that left my legs itching from the moist seat upholstery that had been left exposed to bare the abuses of the weather. We picked up a small handle of tequila, and headed back to Momo’s for some free pizza and Mexican cervezas. Ay, yi yi!

One giant slice of pizza, one Corona, one Modelo, and one tequila shot later, I was on the road to a hangover. I’m a lightweight, what can I say? To top it off, after we left Momo’s we headed back to the liquor store where I let the Liquor Loft employee talk me into buying a six-pack of Imperial on the promise that I could come back and bitch him out if it wasn’t good. Eric bought more tequila, naturally.

We brought our purchases back to the Rock Gym, and here is where the story goes blurry. Two Imperials downed, and I was certifiably d-r-u-n-k. Attempts to climb were feeble, so Jeff and I headed off on an adventure around Railroad Square with beers and camera in hand.

The rest of the day is a blur of pretty flowers, a van painted like the Mystery Machine, a pitstop at Jeff’s apartment, passing out at Niko’s house, and somehow making it back to my house in time to feed Starsky for the evening. Where memory fails and I run out of words, I’ll let photographs fill in the blanks. Enjoy.

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